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How This Small Business Owner Made a 6 Figure Business in 3 Months

Deteiria Stoves started her credit repair company, Lux Credit Repair, during the pandemic in 2020. Before it became a full-time business, she was doing credit repair for free from the comfort of her own home. She would help others get things they need to repair their credit and even start their own business. 

Three months into her business, she had made around 108K in sales and was getting customers from left and right all through referrals. Lux Credit Repair offers full credit repairs, building personal and business credit, and provides private funding. They specialize in:

  • Credit Auditing – Get a professional analysis of your credit report to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Credit Repair – Remove incorrect and unverifiable items from your credit report and only pay for results.
  • Credit Education – Get the tools and tips you need to maintain a lifetime of great credit with video and email training.
  • Easy Payment Options for Clients – Every person’s situation is different. They offer multiple payment options to fit your needs best.

As we all know, we all have a past, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Deteiria, too, had bad credit and went to a professional to get her credit repaired. After a while, she decided to work on her own credit. Once she started helping others do the same, people started flooding her inbox, and her business began to grow.

“Fix your credit! Set aside a game plan. Put some money aside to better your future, and don’t waste time.”

What Sets Lux Credit Repair Apart?

According to Deteiria, “What sets me apart is that the majority of my customers have my personal numbers. I reach out to my customers. I’m not one of those companies that get a client and never talk to them again. If you’re serious about getting your credit done, I am the person for you.”

Lux Credit Repair prioritizes customer service and satisfaction. They do their best to make sure they meet the expectations of every customer, and if it is not up to a certain standard, they will make it right. 

Lux has helped thousands of customers obtain credit scores of 700 or above. They currently offer a subscription service to current and potential clients. 

“Credit is not a quick fix method because there’s no timing on it. This is why I came out with an affordable subscription for my clients to be able to continue their everyday lives while I fix their credit.”

Deteiria got to this point by making customers happy! A happy customer will send you referrals, leading to the organic traffic needed to grow your business. Lux Credit Repair has a 5-star rating on Google with all positive feedback.

Lux Credit Repair has helped thousands of people repair their credit reports. With Deteiria’s focus on customer service, she has built trust, which led many customers to return for additional services like business loans and personal loans. Lux is very dedicated to making sure that all of their clients are taken care of! 

A word of advice from Deteiria: “Never give up! You are in control of your future!” 

Media Contact: Deteiria Stoves

Company Name: Lux Credit Repair

Number: (205) 632-1255



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