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Wes Holland: From Single Father To Industry Leading Entrepreneur

Wes Holland, known as The Credit Goat, is the CEO and Founder of Holland Financial and a single father who strives to teach and show people that no matter where they come from in life, they can have good credit and purchase things needed for their family. 

“Being a single father, this is something that hits home with me, coming from nothing, building my business into not just one office in Chattanooga, TN but a second office we opened in January of this year in Tampa, FL.”

Holland Financial offers credit repair, small business consulting and even has a mentorship program. They work with younger adults from challenging backgrounds to teach financial principles, job skills, mock interviews, resume building, and proper phone and email practices.

He has been a single parent since 2011. For many years, he worked in sales. In 2017, Wes was an outside sales rep and sales trainer for Comcast but was laid off without notice. Wes was shell-shocked after being totally blindsided by this layoff right before Christmas. He realized he wanted to turn his passion for assisting others with their credit into a full-time business. Wes and his best friend came up with the name The Credit Goat while sitting on his sofa together.

Wes wanted to share what he had learned over the years from his bad credit decisions. He wanted to offer products and services that would change people’s lives and help people overcome the chains of poverty.

“I wanted to focus on helping others overcome financial issues and credit issues. Growing up, my family was not wealthy. We didn’t have a lot of money. I wasn’t taught financial literacy, and I made a ton of mistakes. I wanted to help others have a better future. Have better credit, and have the ability to purchase homes for their families.”

What Sets Holland Financial Apart?

The thing that sets Holland Financial apart is that they focus on customer service. Not just answering the phone, emails, or texts, but focusing on teaching accurate information. They work hand in hand with some of the best realtors, loan officers, mortgage lenders in the industry and pride themselves on excellence. 

What sets them apart is their approach with the community in mind. They offer some of the most comprehensive workshops and also focus on working with local community officials and local businesses, keeping a great relationship with the community.

Since 2018, Holland Financial has helped thousands of clients by providing the best services by working hand in hand with realtors and mortgage brokers to help with not only repairing credit issues. They’re also focused on teaching best practices for building and maintaining credit, teaching sound financial principles, and assisting the clients through the entire home buying process. 

Holland Financial provides top-notch customer service. The thing they do better than anyone else is:

  • Teaching fundamentals of credit
  • The dos and don’ts of credit, and 
  • Giving insight into the entire home buying process. 

Holland Financial adheres meticulously to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which means you can rest confident that you are in good hands. Contact them now to learn how they may assist you in taking that crucial initial step toward regaining financial security.

“I truly believe the reason for my success is that I know what it’s like to have terrible credit and no money—all while being a single father of two children. I walked in the same shoes as many of my clients now. I not only know how it feels, but I also know how it is to turn it around.”

How Does Holland Financial Help People Improve Their Credit?

The first step to improving your credit is knowing where you are. According to Holland Financial, people should be monitoring their credit reports and scores monthly. You should know where you stand with your credit scores. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not knowing their score. MyFico is the best place for them to get their FICO scores. This helps with knowing if you are in a position to purchase a home or not.

If someone is below a 640 FICO score, they must start repairing their credit immediately. 640 is the benchmark for most people to be approved for a home. Wes encourages those needing help to reach out to Holland Financial, and with their program, they can help anyone take steps to raise their credit score. 

“This year alone, we have helped 31 clients go from bad credit to homeowners.”

Not everyone needs full-blown credit repair. Other factors like limited credit or high credit utilization can cause people to see a low credit score. Holland Financial can provide insight and next steps for them to take to position themselves for the pre-approval for a home loan.

Additionally, speaking to a mortgage lender can assist anyone in getting pre-approval for the loan. This is vital. The lenders can tell you the amount you can get approved for. Always obtain a knowledgeable real estate agent. It is vital to have someone who is knowledgeable in the market. This will save them time and money.

Wes has gotten to where he is by focusing on the needs of clients. Without clients, he nor his company would have made it as far as they have. In the past four years, they have helped thousands of people from all walks of life. 

“I really want to say that no matter what walk of life you come from, bad credit, no credit, single parent with no help. You can overcome any obstacles to create wealth. Just as I went from an unemployed single father to a multiple business entrepreneur.” 

Many individuals find themselves in financial difficulty due to late or missed payments on their debts. These factors, along with a slew of other circumstances, may cause your credit score to take a hit. If you have been struggling to make ends meet and want expert guidance, contact Holland Financial now for further information regarding the services they provide. 

Media Contact: Wes Holland

Company Name: Holland Financial



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