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The Bumpy Road to Success; from Syria to the Stars

“Fortune favors the brave” is a Latin proverb used throughout history by the military people in Anglosphere. It is one of the sayings which gave people motivation and the willpower to never lose the path of bravery no matter the circumstances. People willing to live up to their passions, dreams, and goals are ‘brave’ and focused. Such individuals never fail to achieve success. One such personality who was brave enough to fly from Syria to the United States of America in 2011 for his higher education is none other than Dr. Ameer Baroudi. 

The Individual Who Believed in the Quest for Happiness

Dr. Ameer Baroudi always believed in the quest for happiness. He acknowledges that by paying little heed to where an individual comes from, one should have the significance of progress. He further clarifies that accomplishment is just an environment made by a person without any other person, where the unfathomable can by and large be made possible, which he did as an outcast. Dr. Baroudi was brought into the world in Syria on January 01, 1986 and wanted to be a dentist from the early stage of his life. He indicates that he expected to move to the United States of America later in May 2011 to seek his advanced education. Wandering into the country, facing the cultural and language barriers and no support system. Defying the social unevenness of not appreciating and not communicating in English, Dr. Baroudi was facing the people saying, “No! you can’t make it! It’s impossible to make it in this country!”. In any case, focusing on the kind of words he kept hearing, Dr. Baroudi guaranteed he remains focused and locks in for what’s to come. Today, he encourages his mentees and students to be brave enough to pursue the goals of life. It will assist make progressing at a reliable pace, Dr. Baroudi being one such portrayal.  

Brought up in the United States of America, he knew where he was going with a positive mentality since he was energetic. Recollecting that, he started pursuing his education. As time passed, he kept qualifying one degree after another. Finally, He completed his Postgraduate Residency in Advanced Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry with a degree in Master of Science in Dentistry from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He also completed laudable Continuing Education Courses and Publications. In addition, Dr. Baroudi received multiple prestigious awards in Dentistry, such as the First Place Award from The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry AACD in the Clinical Case National Competition in 2016. In the meantime, pursuing his education, Dr. Baroudi likewise encouraged a disposition and scaling down his work, offering additional help he does today. Notwithstanding, he carried on with different striving periods of life; however, he ensured he went through everything bravely. 

Unaffected by Anything- The Dedicated Dental Expert

With all that struggle, moving from Syria to the United States, Dr. Baroudi looked for inspiration to assist him with remaining prodded. Taking everything into account, every successful story was his inspiration. He wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a dentist who makes smiles and changes people’s lives for the better. Something which he never let goes of was his conviction. He stayed firm and acknowledged he could do it, and there was no ending from here on out. Dr. Baroudi provides smile makeovers to his clients from all around the world. He is the favorite cosmetic dentist for public figures, athletes, and celebrities. Currently, he applies his specialty in restorative and aesthetic dentistry in his practice in Beverly Hills, California, and visits his patients in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dubai.

Other than this, Dr. Baroudi is also privileged to teach in the Restorative Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago and become the youngest Clinical professor, where he was designated for a Junior Faculty Award. He delivered lectures on smile design and aesthetic dentistry. Recently, he held a position as a clinical educator at the University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA. The work, the combination of character characteristics, the middle, and the trust in oneself have driven him to emerge as the noteworthy remedial dental subject matter expert. His industrious exertion has helped him make his dream of becoming a dental expert plausible, which doesn’t stop here. Through his individual and expert life excursion, Dr. Baroudi has consistently tried to persuade and urge others to advance in life, notwithstanding the conditions. He accepts that things will ultimately work out as they accomplished for Dr. Baroudi himself. With the level of trust he had in himself, he is not just someone who adopted the same profession as his father, Dr. Esmat Baroudi, a well-known dentist, but also a philanthropist. Today, by being brave, Dr. Baroudi is also the recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award from the White House and The President of the United States of America for his community service and served as a model of the American spirit. With his bravery and passion for becoming an expert cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ameer Baroudi indeed has a long way to go!

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