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How Emmersive Entertainment Is Setting Trends in the Art World

Blockchain technology is slowly changing how things are done in many traditional industries. In recent years, acceptance by banks and some government agencies have contributed a lot to the growth of the crypto space. 

The entertainment and art industries have not been left behind, as the increased use of NFTs over the past few years proves. Emmersive Entertainment is taking that a notch higher through its newly introduced blockchain-based E-NFT that is revolutionizing the art and music worlds.

Emmersive Entertainment is a fan and NFT collector platform that works directly with artists, celebrities, and sports stars to build unique animated collectible art scenes. The company is the brainchild of Flo Rida, Erik “E Smooth” Hicks, and David J Kovacs. 

The three were working together looking for a way to empower artists, and that’s when the concept of creating powerful new NFTs was born. They would use these digital NFTs to give the artists both exposure and attractive revenue. Dr. Bettis joined the team as the chair, then later, Lori Trigg came in as counsel. 

Emmersive Entertainment set itself up as a market leader from the beginning. It streamed Tory Lanez’s When It’s Dark, the first-ever A-List NFT platinum album. The album sold out within 1 minute of its release, cementing Emmersive as the market leader in this relatively new space. 

The brands, artists, and fans all benefit from the platform in several ways. Emmersive provides a platform through which the creators and their audience can interact directly. That way, an artist can broaden their fanbase, and their fans can get to know them better. 

For the artists, the benefits come in two ways. Firstly, they get paid when they sell the rights to their music or art to others. Secondly, if the fan resells those rights, the artist will still get a percentage of the price.

For the fans, the chance to own a limited edition piece of art or music unavailable anywhere else is a good incentive. Even better, they can resell their rights to the NFT and make money from that. Since the original launch of When It’s Dark, hundreds of thousands of fans have resold it and made money from it.

Emmersive Entertainment has also disrupted how the industry runs by lowering the price point and affordability of NFTs. Unlike other platforms, a fan can purchase their NFT by credit card. The company says 80% of sales to date have been through cards. The NFTs are also well priced, and a fan can find anything as low as $1. 

Because Emmersive is pioneering something no one has tried to do before, the team is working hard to remain at the top. For artists looking for a trusted public company within this emerging space, Emmersive is the best for several reasons.

First, the company conducts periodic audits on its systems to ensure transactional integrity. Second, all transactions are conducted on a public blockchain, thereby promoting transparency. Thirdly, Emmersive Entertainment has a dedicated customer care team that takes care of every customer need. 

As the NFT space grows, Emmersive is committed to growing with it. The team is currently looking at more tech investments that will make operations even smoother in the future. 

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