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Can Exposing Africa’s Secrets Initiate Humanity’s Angelic Evolution?

World Diplomats laughed during the fictitious United Nations scene of the 2018 Box office sensation “Black Panther”, when the King of Wakanda declared he was ready to help the nations of the world by revealing their “Vibranium” secret.

Perhaps many Americans would likewise consider it nothing more than pure comedy to think that Tribal African wisdom keepers may have something to offer the world, that surpasses the greatest potential of Elon Musk’s Neuralink and the transhumanist science community’s grandest hopes for ‘Human 2.0’ at large.

However, not all Americans would feel this way. In fact, some Americans have long expected African wisdom keepers to contribute to humanity’s final ‘upgrade’.

In 1986 some Hopi Tribe secrets were disclosed in English for the first time at a Native American gathering in Alaska. In Dr. Lee Brown’s presentation, he described the times we’re in as transitioning from the “Animal Cycle” into the “Cycle of the Human Being”, where he said the “Highest and greatest powers that we have will be released to us.”

He specifically singled out the Kikuyu Tribe of Mt. Kenya as being key Guardians is sacred stone tablets and teachings that were to play a role in the process on behalf of the Black Race, in concert with other guardians from the Red, Yellow and White races.

23 years later in 2009, confirming the Hopi Tribe’s message, unbothered by the western world’s beliefs, the Kikuyu tribe broke silence by launching a website where they revealed their original ancestral identity as “Kabiru” before going into hiding 800 years ago, they confirmed their custody of Africa’s Holy Tablets, the Original Proto-Hebrew Scroll and revealed some of their tribal secrets, including a sacred ritual of mind activation using 3 sacred herbs.

It’s interesting that while scientists in the west are full speed ahead at enhancing the human brain with microchips and computer technology, the Kikuyu Elders are suggesting there is a natural way to activate the brain. Even stating that once it’s done properly, “Angelic” abilities are unlocked, although this ritual is reserved for the High Council of 12 Tribal Prophets from the Anjiru Clan who guard the sacred stone tablets and scrolls.

Perhaps this sacred cultural practice is connected to why the late Dr. Amos Wilson, a psychologist, showed how particularly Kikuyu babies beat every other ethnic group on the planet including other Africans in reference to brain development tests / IQ (See “The Development Psychology of the Black Child” and “Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children”).

And credibility can’t immediately be taken from the Kikuyu Elders because they not only provided information about how they activate the minds of their High Council members, but they offered to collaborate with western scientists to test their natural method of mind activation.

Surprisingly, there’s been no visible excitement about the Kikuyu Elders, aside from Prince Michael, 35, an African American Music Producer/Songwriter who was inducted by the Kikuyu and made an Elder then appointed as an Ambassador to raise awareness about Mt. Kenya’s Key role in the evolution of humanity and world peace.

In 2016 he discovered and published historical evidence using 7 ancient maps of Africa that corroborates the Kikuyu’s cultural perspective that Mt. Kenya is not only the biblical Mt. Zion, but that Mt. Zion means the Mountain of Peace, whereas professional historians have never been able to definitively identify the origin of the word “Zion” before.

Maybe the great African Ancestors are truly guiding this man because five years later he obtained a scroll from the Nasarean Priesthood giving a completely different biblical narrative than the King James Version. In this version all the biblical prophets including Jesus, Moses etc refer to Mt. Zion as the Holy Mount of Peace.

He recently published a Book Titled, “The Great Investigation: Comparing the Secret Nazarite Scroll to African Secrets from Black Roots Science [Batswana] & the 12 Seers of Mt. Zion [Kikuyu]”.

Arguably one of the most essential literary works published in modern history because authentic Secret knowledge is not easy to come by and his book shows 3 independent sources disclosing their secrets which essentially lead to the same truths in different ways. His book is available for free pdf download on his website.

It’s possibly to our great disadvantage that the western world hasn’t given any serious attention to this revelation movement taking place with Africa’s tribal custodians.

Even more interesting however is the fact that we’ve seen the community give an overload of attention to fabricated movements surrounding the evolution of human consciousness, such as the December 21, 2020 day when Black People were supposed to get their ‘super powers’.

If twitter made the real messages from the wisdom keepers trend even 10% of the amount, perhaps the elders would feel appreciated and release more and more knowledge to the public?

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