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Breaking News! The Atlanta Book Hitmaker, Dr. Nakita Davis Launches her Exclusive- Beverly Hills, 90210 Location!

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Jesus Coffee and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC. announces their NEW West Coast office in the highly sought-after 90210 Beverly Hills- The Los Angeles Tribune reports.

Influencer, CEO and Founder- Dr. Nakita Davis is known for producing countless Best-Selling Authors, Dominating the Billboard industry and bolstering an impressive PR agency aimed at skyrocketing her clients Visibility, Authority, and Credibility in the marketplace. 

Affectionately known as the Atlanta Book Hitmaker and the Billboard Queen by her loyal supporters; the Publishing and PR Guru has seamlessly built global partnerships and authentic collaborations with A-Listers, Influential business leaders, Ministry leaders, New/Emerging/ Big Brands and Corporate professionals alike. 

The Los Angeles Tribune caught up with the Book and PR Slayer for a few brief moments during her recent visit to LA.

LA Tribune: Dr. Nakita Davis, it’s always good to see or hear from you. You stay productive inspiring Women across the globe. We are glad to catch you while you expand your reach in California. Why add Beverly Hills to the line up of locations? Why now?

Dr. Nakita Davis: Well, first, thanks for having me! Los Angeles Tribune has been a vital source for helping me and my clients spread the word on amazing projects, initiatives, and events over the last few years. I couldn’t think of a better team that I would want to Break the News to first.

Now to answer your question- 90210 is arguably one of the most recognized zip codes in the country if not in the world. When the opportunity presented itself to my team to expand across the country to our 3rd location (Headquarters in Atlanta, 2nd location in Miami, and now Beverly Hills, California) it really was a no-brainer!  I have several clients, brands, affiliations, and budding business relationships globally and specifically out West in LA.  Beverly Hills fits the premium brand, quality of service that my team aims to provide, and potential future clientele that we look forward to serving while staying true to our brand!

And Why Now?

A better question is ‘Why Not Now?

I tell my Queen clients all the time; “Queen, It’s Time to Play Your Royal Position!”  A part of Playing Your Royal Position is Striking While the Iron is HOT!

Carpe Diem!

Right now- Jesus Coffee and Prayer is smoking hot for Books, Billboards, PR/ Marketing and so much more.  Simply put, we get our Clients real results and real Visibility that they can leverage to scale their Speaker, Author, Girlboss business. 

LA Tribune: Well Said- Well Said! We know that your time is valuable; especially now that you have 3 active locations- Atlanta, Miami, and Beverly Hills, CA. Very quickly, what advice would you give to someone who is ready to give up on their dreams of entrepreneurship? 

Dr. Nakita Davis: NEVER GIVE UP! Keep Believing. Keep Praying. Keep Putting in the Work and Be So GOOD that THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU… Even if they tried!

Truly I am humbled and honored that God would choose me for this journey. 

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Dr. Nakita Davis (Rodeo Drive 3 minutes from her new office) 

I know that my voice matters, my presence is warranted, and needed in the marketplace. Helping Highly Driven Women of Faith to Live Out their God-Sized Dreams is what I do best. God gets all the Glory! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 

Honestly, I still pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming! God is Good. 

A little black girl from the hood has now become a permanent fixture in the prestigious Beverly Hills 90210. And Jesus is at the Center of it All.

And if it is the Lord’s WILL- ‘I Ain’t Going No Where!’

Growing up, I use to watch the show 90210 on tv. Now I own my own Television Network operated by Jesus Coffee and Prayer called the Women Win Network. Now  my company has a location in the heart of Beverly Hills- 90210. (Plus 2 other locations)

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