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For years dating apps have been operating on the same old model where a plethora of young men and women throw in their pictures, make a profile and find their matches by swiping left or right. But simp has revolutionized the online dating arena. 

A new generation dating app, simp has mixed in-person dating with metaverse dating. The introduction of stories features and an Instagram-like outlook has made Simp stand out. 

Founded in 2020 by G.Baano-Stewart II a 20-year student of HBCU, simp is an actual dating app that gives you a real-time dating experience and an opportunity to schedule dates. Blending in-person dating with metaverse dating, a person can meet you in person or as their virtual self. Simp has started a new era of how we date. 

How to schedule your dates on simp? 

Scheduling dates on simp is easier than ever. Both of you can decide the place and time to meet each other. And you may use the chat section to send an invitation for a date. Automatically with showing you date ideas nearby in person and in the avatar online world . Chat with your matches right from their videos, making connection easier. Have all your dates lined up in your chat section so you can see all them at once, and meet as many people as you would like. 

Simp allows you to interact through videos 

You are unique, people fall in love with your differences and uniqueness. let them know this through making videos. The other person can know your interests, likes, dislikes, and depth of your personality through Simp. 

Normally there is limited information on many dating apps about people so anyone can easily fake their personality and taste. contrarily, on simp, you can know a person through video and stories interaction. 

So, there is an exact match, you can find exactly what you are looking for. So put an end to the tiring endless search for a perfect match. 

The user-friendly interface of simp 

Simple, easy, and interactive simp can be a third companion in your dating trip. Starting a conversation or finding a perfect match hasn’t been this natural before. Similarly, simp is the first dating app in the online world to introduce various avatars

Going beyond the online perception 

There are two aspects of everyone’s personality; i) what they show ii) what they are 

Simp lets you know the real inside out of a person. By creating a virtual space. It allows you to build long-lasting real connections. On the app as your avatar, if you don’t feel like leaving the house, you can still go to the movie and restaurants on their Reign Verse. Also with Simp being on the Reign Verse, you can also access Reign Verse other apps soon which include mental health apps, safety apps, marketplace apps, and many more using the same avatar you created can go between each app and walk in the Reign Verse. 


Although there are still new days for simp in the already crowded online space of dating apps. But the future is looking promising where profiles are not just pictures. It is an amalgamation of videos, question stories, virtual avatar’s, and pictures. These elements make Simp to stand out in the crowded space. 

Simp is available for pre-order on Dec 1st. With a unique blend of in-person dating with metaverse dating, the Simp dating app is apt for this generation. Plus, as many see metaverse as something for the future, Simp will most likely have a share in the future. Simp is relevant now and promising for the future.

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