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Coach Max is a Real Powerhouse to Watch for in 2022

At only 29 years old, social media influencer, speaker, and entrepreneur Coach Max has achieved things most people older than her could only wish for. She currently sits as the Director of Forex Education at Epic Trading International through its online academy called Epic University. Coach Max is also a board-certified credit score consultant and a certified trader with a technical analysis level of one.

Coach Max started her career in the direct sales and marketing industry in 2015, using every exposure she had to develop her skills. Since then, she has handled countless teams and became instrumental in educating people, especially women, on how to earn passive income. Coach Max’s primary audience is mothers, as she, herself, is a proud single mother to her wonderful daughter.

Since launching her career as a sales and marketing coach, Coach Max has taught hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. At the moment, she has 100,000 students who have direct access to her strategies on trading, branding, attraction marketing, and even social media monetization. Coach Max also teaches financial literacy, personal development, and exit strategies for hard-working people.

Coach Max is widely known as a foreign exchange trader and instantly added this skill set to the things she teaches to her many students. She had made her imprint in the forex industry within just a few years of learning and mastering this very complex venture. As a result of her involvement, Coach Max has been featured in many shows such as Xfinity TV Network’s – “The Low Down,” and several Apple and Spotify Podcasts, including “The Raw Hype.”

While making a name for herself, Coach Max encountered many challenges, which included a lack of support from those close to her and especially the early days of motherhood. She also dealt with fake friends, jealous people, and financial constraints, which made her journey even tougher. To overcome these obstacles, Coach Max kept the focus on her vision and goals. She knew that she needed to transform into her best self.

Her daughter Lyric is Coach Max’s biggest inspiration in life, and securing her needs and happiness is her ultimate goal in life. Being an entrepreneur has greatly helped her constantly become present in Lyric’s life and witness her many little milestones. Coach Max is also inspired by her students, and seeing them win and succeed gives her so much joy and pride.

For Coach Max, failure has never been, never is, and never will be an option. She has stuck to this mindset ever since her high school years, and this has helped her keep a resilient and persevering attitude. Coach Max wanted to set a good example to her community as well, and she hopes more African-American women will learn from her story.

Coach Max is very active on different social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linktree, and TikTok. Along with her website, she leverages these platforms to expand her reach to other territories. Coach Max has many dreams for her and Lyric’s future, and she hopes to help others achieve their own successes while she reaches for those dreams.

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