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Self-Growth Through The End of The Year: Reflections

As the end of the year approaches, everyone starts to reflect on their year and how they could make next year better. That being said, those individuals usually begin creating new goals for themselves, make changes in their lives that will lead to new habits, and lastly, be thankful for how far they’ve come in the year. The end of the year brings new ideas, new beginnings, and endings. It’s only fair that we continue to find self-growth year round! 

This year has been crazy for me and probably for everyone else in the world. With the pandemic, the shut-downs, and everything that followed, it started to feel like there was no end in sight for the negativity. The last two years have certainly blended for me, but I’m beginning to feel a new wave of positivity and success coming our way. The feeling of fear and all of its negative accomplices have overstayed their welcome, and now it’s time to make moves! That is why as the last two months of 2021 approach, it is essential to set new intentions and manifest them into the universe. 

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Where Do We Start?

Well, as I mentioned above, everyone starts to reflect on the year when it’s close to ending. So whether you begin reflecting in November or the day before New Year, just do it. Think about how you started 2021, including your mental, physical, and emotional state, family, friends, financials, jobs, achievements, and everything else that formed the year. Write these things down in a journal or your notes app and figure out whether they were positive and negative occurrences or situations. Once you have that figured out, start to set those new intentions for each of them. 

For example, if you weren’t doing too well mentally, physically, emotionally, or even spiritually, set goals on how to achieve the next level of satisfaction that you want to achieve. It could be as easy as setting an appointment with a therapist, getting a gym membership or, devoting some of your time to meditating. 

It’s important to always start with how you feel on the inside and outside because it defines you and the choices you make. Don’t wait on your body’s needs, as it is what is keeping you alive and able to create. 

Next, you can reflect on how your social relationships have been throughout the year and if you can make them better. In this case, a way to build a stronger bond with those around you is to find a way to communicate better, find time to bond more and strengthen your active listening skills. Don’t wait to make these relationships better either, since these individuals are support systems for all your past, present, and future endeavors. 

Success, Finances, & Business

Almost everyone set goals to be more successful in the next year and find a way to become more financially stable/comfortable. They might also want to start a new business or get a better job, which ties in with self-growth. It’s all about finding a goal that you want to work towards and creating a better life for yourself! 

In terms of finding success, it’s crucial to write down or think about how you started and how to get there. If you barely began thinking about a new project you want to take on, then manifest it. If your goal is to get a better job or level up in the company, reflect on your past work and how you can do that. In addition, if you yearn to have a little more extra money a month in your bank, then set those intentions and how to get there.

Success, finances, and business take some time to grow and perfect; therefore, it’s not too late to start. The end of the year is ideal for setting these goals because of timestamps such as quarters 1, 2, 3, and 4 or seasonal ones. This will help you plan out and schedule deadlines relatively better. 

Write down and plan out how you want to create more success for yourself in 2022! 

Two More Months

Although it is just the beginning of November, there are only two more months of 2021 left. This year indeed went by fast, and I could’ve sworn it was May not too long ago. Time truly doesn’t stop for anyone, no matter if there is a worldwide pandemic going on. Don’t let time go by without setting true intentions for yourself, especially with all the negative distractions of the world. 

Don’t forget to reflect and start setting those new year goals. 2022 is just around the corner! 

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