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Ore System Announces Its Next Gen NFTs

Ore System is a next-generation block-chain technology that creates value for content-creators, collectors, and studios. It is proud to announce its Next Gen NTFs that the Next Gen gamers can leverage to improve their gaming activities. 

The Ore System team defines it as “a next-generation blockchain technology that creates value for content creators, collectors, and studios with three major components: the Ore Token, the Ore Forge, and the Ore SKD.”

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The Theory Behind Ore System

The Ore System is designed to meet the growing need for a platform for developers to directly enable NFT integration into their system. Hence, the system will help with integrating NFTs into games development for next-generation and large-scale gaming. 

The system integrates the Ore token for a wide range of professionals such as content creators, gamers, and developers to allow them to use the token through ORE-supported games. 

Besides that, gamers can conduct some transactions such as buying, auctioning, and selling items on ORE Forge as well. Forge is an NFT creation interface and marketplace where game developers can mint, sell, and auction their game items. 

Benefits For The Token Holders

Gamers aren’t the only beneficiaries of the Ore token. Every holder can benefit directly as the project is designed to redistribute 3% of each transaction to individual holders. 

Another reason why gamers should be interested in the token is further highlighted by the team. “ORE Token is worth real money and should a gamer ever decide they no longer want to use them, they can be sold back to the exchange.”

There is also the ORE Stealth. It is a gaming client that provides game developers access to gamers while gamers can also have direct access to their gears. The Stealth client supports a range of Operating Systems such as Linux, PC, and Mac. 

Osiris Protocol

Osiris Protocol serves a purpose: serve as a proof-of-console for the blockchain ecosystem contained in the ORE System. This will allow it to bring the Box and blockchain together. 

Ore Hardware Wallet

The ORE System also gives you full control of your assets anytime and anywhere through the ORE hardware wallet that offers encrypted Bluetooth connection for iOS and Android devices for the convenience of use. That’s in addition to helping users overcome storage and security challenges. The wallet allows you to check your portfolio conveniently and perform hassle-free transactions from a secure cold storage. 

It supports Binance DEX, token-to-token exchange, WalletConnect, and other features that are designed to facilitate support of NFT collectibles, DeFi protocols, airdrops, DAPPS, and other crypto services and products.

Listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

The token has been listed on some of the major exchanges such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Prospective investors can visit these cryptocurrency exchanges and purchase the token. 

It is also listed on FEDEX trading and PancakeSwap trading for swapping. If you are interested in swapping another token with the ORE token, head to this section and follow the step-by-step guide. 

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