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Art Addiction: Gaëlle MKS on constructing powerful icons

Parisian-born Gaëlle MKS was introduced to a love of creation at an early age, being brought up by a family of craftsmen. It is, therefore, no wonder that Gaëlle MKS grew up to make a mark on the world with colour, materials, and construction, shaped by a tragic event that drew her towards her destiny. By sourcing comfort in one of her first passions, art, Gaëlle’s success in this industry was kickstarted.

Straying from the traditional joys of putting pencil to paper, however, Gaëlle’s interests instead swayed towards sculpturing 3-dimensional pieces from a range of durable materials. In this way, Gaëlle has been able to make a captivating statement of portraying iconic figures in the boldest way possible, allowing viewers to experience the incentive of what both art and inspirational figures can contribute to this world.

It wasn’t long before this artist started making impressive statements with her artwork, with famous boxer Muhammad Ali being the focus of her first sculpture. Choosing an international icon allowed Gaëlle to express herself both creatively and emotionally, projecting his struggle for life.

This life-sized 7-foot piece is constructed of resin and fibreglass, weighing a whopping 154 pounds. This sculpture stands on its feet, the boxer just having knocked out the champion, Sonny Liston. This immortalizes an iconic boxing victory, cemented barely 2 minutes into the 1st round of the match. Gaëlle was sure to focus on even the most minor details such as the accuracy of Ali’s posture, making her work stand out from other artists in the field of 3D sculpture work. 

This artist has gone on to direct her attention to other famous icons. This includes the idea that she was influenced by a photograph of Neil Leifer, marking the history of sport that helped to build the legend known as ‘The Greatest‘. Gaëlle’s standout masterpieces have created such an impression that many admirers are drawn to locate these works of art to drink in every detail. 

Fans have even gone as far as contacting this incredible artist to request personalized work. For example, 2018 soccer world champion, Adil Rami, was so drawn to Gaëlle‘s work that he requested the artist to create works for each of the Euro 2020 France soccer team players. With each of these soccer players making a huge mark of talent in the history of French soccer, this portrays just how influential this artist can be in constructing impressions of these inspirational sportsmen to share with the world.

Every single one of Gaëlle’s projects is modelled with thought and beauty, and the messages she is keen to get across can be interpreted in numerous ways. Whether this artist wants to inspire young people to follow their dream career, take up art to share some love, or simply just to take control of their own lives, it is apparent that Gaëlle works to contribute astounding works to her industry in a hope that others may follow on from her craft.

Furthermore, this artist has driven her career forwards in other ways too. She sublimates her personalized works with the clothing brand, CHMPS PARISSE, with which FC BAYERN player Kingsley Coman associates with. Furthermore, Gaëlle is also supporting Presnel Kimpembe, an incredible PSG soccer player, not to mention the Médecin Sans Frontières Association, by delivering personalized masterpieces that will be put up for auction. The profits made from this auction will be put directly into supporting Haiti, raising charity as well as awareness to inject support into an incredible cause that strives to help less fortunate people.

Moreover, the artist will also receive a visit from producer and TV host, Fabrice Sopoglian, whose face is well-known all over France. He wishes to discover the artist’s Muhammad Ali masterpiece which is now known all over the globe. For Sopoglian, the iconic Muhammad Ali deserves a place in the greatest of American galleries, meaning that he will contact his dear friend Nausicaa, an art curator, art dealer, and the owner of The Coolheart Gallery at Sofitel Beverly Hills. This will bring Ali a second life exhibited for 3 months in this location from January 2022.

Art-lovers wanting to be inspired should therefore keep a lookout for her upcoming masterpieces. The sculptures admired so far are not the last we have seen from this contemporary talent. There will no doubt be more to follow on from the striking mark that Gaëlle MKS has made on the art industry already. Her success will continue to grow as long as fans continue to source inspiration from what these carefully constructed pieces have to offer.

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Gallery The Cool Heart @thecoolheart

Located at the Sofitel Los Angeles Beverly Hills. 

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