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The Top 5 Catering Companies in South Florida You Need to Try

If there’s anything that brings families, friends, and loved ones together, it’s good food. Going to a beloved restaurant or making memories at a well-catered party are the spice of life. This became limited when the COVID-19 pandemic took over, and high-end dining was brought to a screeching halt.

But now, the tide is shifting and possibilities are expanding for those who appreciate well-created meals. South Florida is filled with some of the best, most accomplished catering companies, each of whom offers incredible, distinctive options.

Epicureans Of Florida

Epicureans Of Florida, headed by world-class restauranteur Thierry Szymanski, is an elite option for those looking for luxury meals at home. Epicureans of Florida specializes in fine French and Italian cuisine, bringing elite chefs to your home to create handcrafted meals.

Szymanski, who hails from Corsica, has extensive experience working in award-winning restaurants. He and his team deliver their undeniable talent to your dining room, transforming a regular meal into a world-class experience. The team is meticulous when it comes to creating the menu, with the clients included every step of the way.

Those who have the privilege of enjoying a meal created by the Epicureans team will be able to indulge in the lavish without leaving home.

Elite Catering

With special events getting back into full swing after the pandemic, Elite Catering has been especially sought out by those in the South Florida area. This full-service company specializes in delicious catering as well as event planning and design, helping clients bring their visions to life.

In addition to Elite Catering’s attention to detail, their commitment to top-of-the-line food allows them to stand out against the competition. They sustainably source their ingredients, making their meals not only delicious but extremely fresh and tailored to your taste from traditional to trendsetting.

Tastebuds Catering

Those still hesitant about eating at restaurants can still get professional quality food delivered to their door. Tastebuds Catering is a refreshing and delicious choice instead of cooking every night or depending on takeout. Tastebuds Catering delivers boxed meals to your home, all of which can be personalized based on your dietary restrictions and preferences.

Tastebuds Catering’s menu changes weekly, so you can enjoy their expertly crafted food without repeating meals. They’re truly an ideal option for a safe, delicious meal at home.

Grateful Palate Catering

Haute cuisine, pristine service, and waterside views? All these things await you at Grateful Palate Catering. Your palate truly will be grateful when you dive into some of their delectable dishes. With 4,000 square feet of event space and panoramic views of the sparkling water, Grateful Palate Catering is the perfect venue for any special event. From weddings to corporate luncheons, their menu adjusted to your distinct preferences is sure to please.

SilverSac Uncommon Catering

Upon hearing the name “SilverSac Uncommon Catering,” you may be wondering what to possibly expect. This certainly uncommon name can be traced back to the years of success the founder has in the foodservice industry. Karin Larson started with a boutique sandwich shop, serving high-end lunches in silver sacs to her loyal clientele.

Far from a small boutique, Karin’s dynamic catering company has been bringing clients’ visions to life for years. No matter what kind of event or food is requested, SilverSac can make it happen.

With these incredible options, the entire South Florida community has plenty of places to turn for outstanding catering. From luxurious, chef-crafted meals at home, to distinctive one-of-a-kind cocktail parties, there is always an option out there to meet your needs.

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