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  1. Have an attitude of gratitude

It’s the currency of the universe! If only more people understood this. Resonating and vibrating at a higher frequency and level of gratitude is an essential part of this. I don’t care what your circumstances are, start your day every day by saying, “Thank you..”, I don’t care who you say it to…God, Buddha, your mother! I don’t care, just say it.

 There were times in my life where I had nothing, even experiencing homelessness, but I would thank god for the air in my lungs, the conversations I had with people, and the lessons I learned. I was poor but was gaining things this earth cannot physically provide. Like peace, love and hope.

Make a list if you find it hard. If you practice gratitude, you will find you naturally become a more fulfilled and thankful person.

  • Have a giving heart

Generosity will also tie into your mindset, which I will touch more on later. If you have a stingy mentality or a scarce philosophy towards life, then guess what? That is exactly what you will attract more of. Breaking this cycle is a tough one, but necessary to attract abundance. Not having a generous mindset causes division and makes people spiral if they lose anything at all because they have it locked in their heads that there is not enough to go round. If lack is the disease, then generosity is the cure! I hear people say “Well, I will be generous when I get enough to share!”. But that’s just not true. If you can’t give 10 dollars out of every hundred dollars you’re not going to give 100 thousand out of every million. My favorite book says “whoever can be trusted with very little, can be entrusted with much”. Learn to give, even when it hurts. Create the habit now.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff

Most times we worry about things we can’t control. On top of that, we give power to them by focusing on them. Sometimes this stops us from taking action, leading us to bigger problems down the road. The things you worried about a year ago, do they matter to you right now? Most often not. Yet, we have a mentality that blows things out of proportion. How many times have we thought something bad is going to happen, but when it finally comes to it.. it wasn’t that bad? I mean.. you didn’t die, right?

  •  Let it go

Let things go so you can grow!!! Forgive yourself and forgive those who have wronged you. You can live a forward-focused, fulfilled life if you’re constantly looking backwards. Life is for a living. Whatever happened, it’s done. Get over it. We have this idea that if we forgive somebody we are letting them off the hook. But, the truth is, they are out there living their life not even thinking about you. Forgiveness is a strange one. The only person it ends up affecting most is the person who doesn’t forgive. Yet we harbor such strong feelings towards people that get in the way of living to our full potential. Bless the people hating on you. Bless those who have talked about you behind your back. Keep your heart pure and watch how quickly you start to manifest what you have been wishing for. If you want success, pray for your enemies to have success. It’s a powerful tool!

  • Watch your words

Speak as if it already happened. We have to change our use of language. You have to speak from the perspective of a victor, not a victim. As a man believes in his heart, so he is. What comes out of your mouth holds power and weight in the universe. Your tongue holds the power of life and death. You can use it to either bless or curse, but you can’t do both. Complaining is for the broke. Drop that negative desire to discuss other people or get involved in business that has nothing to do with you. Instead, start speaking life over your situation and circumstances. See how quickly things begin to change.

  • Keep your mind right

One of my favorite authors, John Maxwell, says that if you can fix your mind you can do anything and places it as the most important skill to learn in life. Personally, this has been one of my biggest struggles. The pain I felt during my childhood has affected me my entire life and was a dominating factor as to why I couldn’t keep my mind right. Keep your mind on the things above. Thoughts become things, so make sure you’re manifesting the right things.

  • Be the person now

We live in a world consumed by chasing perfection, the pursuit of success, and the elusive end destination that promises happiness when most people that have attained these things will tell you their best days were during the journey.

Try and live a life that speaks from a place of completion. I don’t like the phrase fake it until you make it, as that has connotations of a lack of authenticity or perhaps delusion. I prefer, be it until you become it! Or state it until you make it! Start acting like the finished product and these learned behaviors will begin to transform your mind as well as your external circumstances. All of a sudden, you won’t put up with that toxic relationship that does you no good. You won’t allow friends to mistreat you. You will hold a higher bar of standards for yourself all because your new perception is that of a victor not a victim.

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