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Anji Announces Token Pre-Sale for November 6th, sets sights on creating a new era for DeFi

AnjiEco, A decentralized ecosystem with an innovative rewards system that keeps
on giving, is proud to announce its arrival of its security token: ANJI. Developers are flocking to the crypto sector to use blockchain technology to shape the future, and the crypto ecosystem is rapidly gaining ground and momentum. That is where the project ANJI comes to conquer. 

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AnjiEco has already begun to form a robust ecosystem of applications and tokens. Unlike any other blockchain ecosystem, the platform reserves earnings from its economy to be donated to non-profit organizations in their efforts to address the world’s problems. 

These funds generated are contributed monthly to non-profit organizations through AnjiPool, which partners with a charity token from within the ecosystem and ensures that the funds are put to good use. Through the governance framework that is presently being developed, the community will soon be able to vote on the charity token and their NGO partner, on a monthly basis. 

ANJI is an antidote to corporate greed. Large corporations and institutional investors are in the business of making money, but their activities can have a direct negative impact on the globe. This is exactly what ANJI seeks to challenge through DeFi, while also rewarding investors for the same.

The team at AnjiEco is thrilled to announce its token presale on November 6th, 2021, in order to scale its operations and deliver its innovations to the crypto industry. This is a fantastic opportunity for early investors to benefit from the rewards system. 

ANJI Features 

1. The world’s first smart dividends function 

The primary concept behind ANJI, as a security token, is that its BNB rewards are delivered in real time, making it rewarding for anyone at any time. Other “BNB rewards” tokens distribute BNB on a periodic basis, perhaps allowing for “Pool” manipulation and leaving a select few with minimal rewards. ANJI solves this problem by performing real- time calculations. 

2. Reinvest, and receive an additional 5% 

A decision is given to investors who want to use their rewards to improve their position in the ecosystem by acquiring more ANJI can do so and effectively “compound” their ANJI holdings by obtaining an additional 5% of what they would have received if bought through traditional channels. They, on the other hand, are free to claim these rewards and utilize them how they wish or simply can donate to the AnjiPool. 

3. An effective “Shareholder” 

Thanks to the power of DeFi, ANJI combines elements of becoming a preference shareholder and equity shareholder. This effectively merges DeFi’s decentralization with established CeFi mechanisms that work. 

Investors will receive 33% of all proceeds as the ecosystem grows with more projects and tokens using AnjiEco as a platform. These proceeds come from AnjiSwap, the ecosystems platform, and already provides rewards with its router (AnjiRouter). A router’s purpose is to connect investors to liquidity pools and facilitate exchanging. More methods of generating proceeds are currently in development and will be implemented as the ecosystem matures. 

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