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Wenjüe Lu: Slow Fashion That Seamlessly Blends Precision Tailoring and Sustainability

Wenjüe Lu is a niche slow fashion label that uses traditional Chinese hand-weaving techniques to create timeless and sustainable designs. Wearers are invited to consider the relationship between the materials they wear and the earth. Collections are meticulously crafted with an everlasting process of rethinking and refining. Every stitch, cut, curve, and corner is crafted with a delicate yet deliberate level of precision. The seen and unseen tailored details come together to create an exquisitely constructed piece. Wenjüe Lu collections are not influenced by fleeting trends; they are created with the intention to be cherished for a very long time.

Photo credit: Collection of handmade Fafa bags

Photographer: Haolan Zhou; Model: Wenjue Lu; Assistance: Michael Fang, Ruiyang Xiao, Eli Stoken.

An accomplished alumni of New York’s prestigious Parsons School of Design, designer Wenjue Lu believes that attention to detail is often a lost art within the fashion industry. Her first signature product Fafa bags earned the appreciation of high-end boutique store Dover Street Market New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, as well as the pioneer of online fashion- Net-A-Porter’s Chinese division. Her eponymous label focuses on the natural texture and quality of fibers while paying homage to the traditional folk craftsmanship of her native China. Her collections celebrate the beautiful textures of handwoven articles while normalizing the imperfections that differentiate organic and synthetic. Wenjue admires the natural states of different fibers, which is why she forgoes synthetic dyes and bleaches. Her collections are especially influenced by the many shades of white that naturally occur on the earth. Each lot of fabric is set apart by the subtle nuance of different shades and layers.

Sustainability and a respect for organic fibers are valued at every level of Wenjüe Lu’s production process. All of the brand’s fabrics are completely natural and biodegradable. Materials like cotton, linen, hemp, silk, bamboo, and soy allow wearers to have a deeper connection with nature and the earth. The label even uses cruelty-free peace silk, which is derived from the cocoons of moths that have freely completed their transformation into butterflies.

Photo credit: Collection of 22/1

Photographer: Wenjue Lu; Model: Yuwei Hu; Assistance: Michael Fang.

The majority of Wenjüe Lu’s fabrics are hand-woven by artisans from a small town in the Guizhou Province of China. These highly skilled craftsmen spin and weave cotton on small looms until they achieve the ideal texture. Wenjue Lu is proud to display this traditional style of craftsmanship on her designs.

Every garment is hand-made in New York, where the Beijing-born designer is now based. Wenjue and her dedicated team carefully apply the final touches and inspect each garment before sending it to its future owner. Buttons and trimmings are either made in-house or are locally sourced from vintage markets. The finished garments are posted in house-made garment bags made out of 100% cotton and packaging made out of compostable materials.

Wenjüe Lu believes that every garment should be a source of eternal companionship for the body, this belief is actualized with their lifelong repair program for clients under which damaged garments can be shipped back to the studio at any time to be mended by hand. The process of mending becomes that of morphing. The intricate details, fine textures, and avant-garde shapes are deemed pieces of wearable art. Wenjüe Lu proves that simplicity can be striking with naturally-derived fabrics and impeccable tailoring. Revel in the beauty of nature and traditional craftsmanship with Wenjüe Lu.

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