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Pastor, Entrepreneur, Doctoral Student, and Investor teaches more then tithes & offering. She is teaching the community how to build generational wealth.

1.  Questions(Q)- Please share with our viewers who you are and what it is that you do?

Answer(A)- My name Gloria I am an entrepreneur, Investor, Trader, doctoral student in clinical Psychology, Co-Pastor, A Mother, Wife, and most importantly one of God’s precious center pieces.

2.  (Q)- You are this serial entrepreneur, it’s very admirable. Tell us where did your entrepreneur spirit from?

(A)- Well, I grow up in Detroit poor with 2 brothers & a sister and I watched my mom struggle financially, mentally, and physically to take care us. To take care of 4 kids. I know she did the best she could. So that alone made me want a different kind of life not just financially but spiritually too (I didn’t know anything about church or God at that time) but I was open to educating myself on becoming better in more ways than one.

3.  (Q)- Where did entrepreneurship and Investing start from you?

(A)-Well, way before I had money to invest I already had the spirit, the drive, and the dedication I just didn’t know what to invest in so I searched for what made since to me and worked at it consistently. Most people think investing is hard, but you just have to search for what makes the most dollars and sense.

4.  (Q)- How has your investments & consistency help the church?

(A)- I am a problem solver by nature. I remember when I was a “baby Christian”. That’s church talk for people who are new to church and God. And it was tithes and offering time and I had my last $5.00 in my pocket and I was literally debating with myself if I should give it to the church or keep it for myself because I didn’t have any other source of income for a while. Since God always win I gave it to the church but I regretted it once I got home. Again, I was a “baby Christian” and I didn’t know anything about being a “Cheerful Giver”. Years later, after growing in God and finances that thought of me regretting giving my last to the church came back to me and I thought to myself “how many people regret giving their last to their church, family, friends, or business”? So instead of taking from the congregation let’s give value, resources, and guidance to help people not feel bad for wanting to keep their only source of income to themselves. Let’s build “cheerful givers” so they will be excited to help themselves, their families, and communities.

5.  (Q)- What are some of the investments you teach on?

(A)- I teach on trading in the Foreign Exchange Market, Cryptocurrencies, and Real Estate Investing. Most people I come across cannot afford a traditional home loan due to credit. Well learning how to trade in the Foreign Exchange Market cuts out the middle man in so many words. You don’t need approval to get a loan. The money you make is yours and you can take that money and invest it in Real Estate and create an asset/cash flow. If money is the problem which it always is then let’s find a solution to the problem.

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