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Hannah Noelle, Founder of Hannah Noelle Models Shares How to Get Started in the Modeling Industry

Photo by Honey & Fern Photography

Have you ever dreamed of being a model? To see your pictures all over magazines, billboards, and stores? To walk down the runway? It definitely seems like a dream come true and you might think that it may be impossible to achieve. Well, that dream isn’t far-fetched at all. If you’ve ever thought about modeling, you’re in the right place! I chatted with the CEO and Founder of Hannah Noelle Models, Hannah Noelle, and she shared with me some of her tips for anyone looking to get started in the modeling industry.

Q: What would be your first piece of advice for someone who is just starting to think about becoming a model?

HN: Do your research and find out what kind of modeling you could see yourself doing. There’s so many different kinds of modeling, from high fashion to fitness there’s really something for everyone.

Q: Now that an aspiring model has found their niche, what would be the next step?

HN: Practice being in front of a camera. As models, being in front of a camera is your job, you need to be comfortable with it before you start modeling. For some it will come naturally, while for others it may take a while longer. Whichever of those two categories you fall into, just keep practicing and say yes to as many photoshoots as possible! Ask fellow models and photographers to review your photos and give you constructive feedback.

Photo by Honey & Fern Photography

Q: What would follow after that?

HN: Find agencies that will be a good fit for you and your goals and apply to them through their websites. Apply to as many as you can because chances are that the first few agencies might say no to you. As much as rejection may hurt, don’t give up. Keep on submitting and improving your portfolio as you go. You can also attend open calls at your local agencies if they hold them.

Q: Lets say a model has followed all of these tips and they’ve booked their first job, is there anything they need to do on their first day?

HN: Be kind, professional and make sure to show up on time preferably get to the shoot location early! I also recommend networking while on set. Connections in any industry are so important. You never know, the person you’re talking to might be looking for a model in the future and they could pick you for that job over everyone else.

Q: What is another way for models to network?

HN: Definitely social media. Social media is huge and models need to take advantage of that. Post as much as you can on TikTok, Instagram, or just any social media platform really, use hashtags, anything that can boost the engagement rate on your account. Make a point to grow your personal brand. Having a large social media presence can open up so many doors for you within the industry.

Q: Is there anything else that you think aspiring models should know?

HN: Always make sure to have fun. Yes, modeling can be hard sometimes, but it is such a fun job to have. And always make sure to say yes to any good opportunities that come your way,

especially when you’re starting out. Just like networking, you never know where an opportunity can take your career to.

To learn more about Hannah Noelle and Hannah Noelle Models, visit the agency’s website You can also stay updated on the agency’s Instagram

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