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An Interview with Eldwen Wang, Asia’s Next ‘Ballad Prince’

Eldwen Wang (30), a rising pop singer from Indonesia, just released a single called ‘Strong’ a month ago. This song was considered a success as it was featured on several official playlists such as ‘Indonesian Music Today’ and ‘New Music Daily’ in Apple Music alongside with these well-known global artists such as Khalid, Elton John, Pink Sweat$, The Weeknd and many more. Its beautiful purpose was to tell the world about how we should cope with our sanity and mental problems during this Covid-19 season. Here is the interview:

What inspired you to release this new single ‘Strong’?  

I actually wanted to let everyone know that I am doing this to represent them regarding how they feel about this pandemic. To begin with, I lost my grandmother and some of my good friends because of Covid-19 this year. It has been draining me emotionally to face the deaths of my beloved friends and family members consecutively every month. Well, I also realize that there are a lot of people out there who are facing similar situations like mine and need to be encouraged mentally to rise up again, so here I am with ‘Strong’ hoping that my single can relate to them and motivates them.

When did you start making music?  

I started singing when I was a little child around the age of 9, yet I was only singing covers and won several national and regional competitions. However, in 2014, I finally found my friends Michael Calvin and Nico Abisha in which we formed a boy group named ‘1.0.1’ and later they turned out to be my future partners in producing music.

In 2016, however, we disbanded our group due to our own decisions to focus on each of our business career and subdued our dreams to become singers until we realized that music was really our passion when we met again in 2019. 

In 2020, we had an agreement to form a small artist management company called ‘Kahn Entertainment’ and started producing several songs. My first song to release after our comeback as a management team was ‘Pain’ and then followed by ‘Killer’ on May 2021. 

Who motivated you to make songs?  

Since my father passed away in 2018, I automatically took the steering wheel to our family’s financial support. Hence, I motivated myself to boost my career up to help my mother and grandmother to keep on living comfortably.

Then I started making my first solo song ‘Pain’ with the help from my team members at Kahn and it really did quite well even if we were just a starter. It was more of a blessing that my music video was eventually placed number #5 on Vevo’s ‘Top Trending Videos’ on YouTube, reaching more than 100,000 views and more than 300,000 streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

Do you only do music for a living?

No, because I really believe in diversification. I know that making music is my passion but I have to put my idealism aside when it comes to managing my wealth and money. For instance, I also attended a perfumery school in Seoul, South Korea back in 2016 where I also formed a band with the locals and did some music gigs at jazz bars and lounges.

Nowadays, while also spending time making music and being a producer for several artists, I entered perfume business to get along the way and established a company called ‘AVUE’ which already is running quite well with some sub-brands like Braünfeld and Sozo.

Can you tell us about your target of accomplishment?

At first, I honestly did never set a certain target to my music career as I knew that my age was no longer an ideal age for a male idol. However, by the time I realized that I have accomplished a lot of milestones on digital music platforms, my ‘superstar’ soul was once again ignited and now I am ready to set my feet on international music charts and hopefully, hosting a solo concert one day.

What makes you think that you are different from the other musical artists?

Tricky yet challenging question. I do think that I am totally different because my fan base was long gone after we disbanded our boy group, but I still have some fans left. Instead of calling them fans, I really wanted to be friends with them and feel connected to them like I always do with my friends, so whenever someone has already had a chat or talked to me in person, I always followed them back on social media. 

For myself, I always told my followers to accept me for who I am and not expecting so much on me because I really want to be real and original to them without covering or hiding anything as it will drain me someday in the future if something happens and disappoints my friends and followers. Hence, being fake is definitely not in my agenda.

Do you have any messages to your supporters?  

Just accept me for what I am and always support me no matter what circumstances I am in. So, when I am expanding myself into a broader world in music and needing moral support from my friends and followers, please give your full back up. Thank you so much!


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