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Tran Dac Ngoc Le – Pioneering in Vietnamese Kid’s Fashion

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Pioneer is the most accurate word to describe the fashion journey of Tran Dac Ngoc Le (Dac Ngoc) over the past 3 years. Although he just joined the fashion designing industry, Dac Ngoc has become one of the first Vietnamese creators of children’s gala attire with monumental textures, unique designs, elaborate attachments.

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The young designer is the pioneer to bring Vietnamese children’s fashion to international audiences. He was the first and only representative of Vietnam to appear at a series of international fashion weeks such as Malaysia Fashion Week 2018, London Fashion Week 2019 – House of Ikons, Saint – Petersburg Kids Fashion, Day Dubai Vie Fashion Week 2019, Bangkok Kids International Fashion Show 2019, etc. Dac Ngoc also received many invitations to perform on prestigious stages, fashion weeks around the world like Thailand Fashion Week, Moscow Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, J SPRING Fashion Show in France and Italy.

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Dac Ngoc and his team of young models were praised by the international media. His designs are combinations of liberal creativity and meticulousness. However, this is just the beginning, Dac Ngoc aims to perform in the four biggest fashion weeks soon in the future: New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week.

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