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Getting to Know Instagram Expert Liran Mizrahi

In 2010, when Instagram was new to the market, Liran Mizrahi saw something many didn’t see at the time, and he decided to pursue it. Liran dared to dream, a dream of a different life not only for him but for others as well and for a brighter future. Years later, he has made his vision a reality and is helping businesses and brands establish their spot on the platform.

Liran Mizrahi is an Instagram growth expert highly recognized in Israel. He is best known for his abilities to organically grow his clients’ follower base and retrieve hacked Instagram accounts.

Starting his journey almost 12 years ago, he has grown his experience and understanding of the platform. In the beginning, Liran had a small Instagram account which he used to connect with friends. However, the more he used the platform, the more he realized it could be used for more than just making friends.

Liran also noted that people who are new to Instagram could at times get a huge number of followers, surpassing those who have been on the platform for years. This led him to start his research on Instagram algorithms and how one can grow their follower-base and increase engagement. He worked at Google, which gave him an upper hand and helped him to get to know the system intimately.

Still working at Google, Liran started managing Instagram pages on the side as he saved money for Instagram systems. The experience gave his career the much-needed push and exposure from some of the top public figures in Israel.

According to Liran, the overwhelming support and frequent phone calls from people who wanted his services motivated him to quit his job at Google and solely focus on Instagram. While it was a considerable risk, he took a bold step, and the results have been rewarding.

However, like all businesses, Liran has encountered challenges along the way. As he managed various accounts for his clients, sometimes he would be aware that some accounts had been hacked. This was a huge setback not only for him but also for his clients as this was the source of their livelihood. Liran refused to give up. In fact, he came back stronger. His focus was not only on retrieving the lost accounts but ensuring something like that would never happen again.

Liran began his research on how to prevent hackers and how to keep accounts safe. He eventually learned how to retrieve a hacked Instagram account. In a matter of days, Liran is now able to restore an Instagram account.

His advice to everyone is to keep learning. Learning is a continuous process, says Liran; he adds that upskilling is essential to get ahead in an ever-changing market. Liran stresses the importance of being authentic in your content and being consistent for those looking to grow their online following organically.

As he continues to thrive, Liran is also dedicated to helping more brands and businesses grow their online following on Instagram. He says success to him is seeing others win and knowing that what he’s doing is positively impacting lives.

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