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Tatiana Fedotova, a magician, shares seven travel advice from her seven trips.

We asked mentalist magician Tatiana Fedotova, Hollywood, CA, how Covid has changed the tourism and entertainment industry, particularly the magic sector. 

Of course, the situation with magic performances has evolved dramatically in recent years. I’ve travelled with shows and magic lessons in three different countries and seven different cities during the last four months. 

When I’m on the road, I take vitamins, drink a lot of water, and have a glass of warm water with lemon every morning. I also try to eat healthy to keep my immune system strong. 

I wear a mask for the majority of the presentations and classes. All safety issues are pre-discussed with the organisers. I preserve my distance from the audience on stage. Therefore, I had to change my act a little, and I no longer show some magical effects because they are performed quite near the audience. 

In general, my colleagues and I have received more show requests than usual since the doors were opened for magicians to perform, indicating that people miss live entertainment and social life.


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