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PairElite changing the status quo in the modeling industry, and the competition is not happy.

Modeling is known to be this exclusive thing where only a few with the right connections can succeed in it. 

There is a  growing number of people looking to enter the industry due to the large compensations, traveling and the fun that comes with being a model. Instagram and other social media platforms have helped contribute in the generating this large new interest in the industry.

Pre-social media, modeling was only a thing for the famous and so called  “perfect people”. However, things took a huge turn when brands realize that, people do engage with models that are similar to them more than those who look like a typical model. 

Brands started taking actions by having conversation with modeling agencies around enrollment of a none typical models. Agencies have agreed to the terms but continued operating as they did in the past, things seem to not be changing toward the right direction leaving many individuals excluded from their dreams.

PairElite noticed the friction in the industry, they saw how agencies are abusing their power leaving many potential models unserved for the sake of more money. So PairElite though their complex algorithm, they begin tackling this issue, taking the power from agencies and giving it to models. promised transparency and they showed it in their projects for all approach, this allows the models to have an equal access to highly valued projects without any middleman in between. The second action they took is they allowed direct conversation between models and brands, this has allowed the model to build a strong relationships with brand that promotes repeat work and much more.

It came at no surprise to me that competitions are not happy with what PairElite is doing, finally a company that is in the business of opening the doors to those who are interested in modeling and putting model experience on the top of revenue.

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