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High School Students Formed Organization to Include Deaf Community to Climate Change Act! (

Cupertino, CA – High school students founded a nonprofit organization, S. E. A.(Save Earth in American Sign Language) to include Deaf Community in the Environmental Sustainability Act. Founders – Madeline Choi(12, Monta Vista HS), Irene Chon (11, Monta Vista HS), Kate Yu (11, Monta Vista HS), Alex Han(11, Chadwick International), Eddie Bae (10, Bellarmine College Preparatory), Luke Jun (9, Bellarmine College Preparatory), Minji Shin (10, Saint Paul Preparatory), Caleb Park (9, Lealand High School), Julie Yu(9, Monta Vista HS) – are gathered across the world, from the US to South Korea, to empower Deaf Students to take action.

Deaf students often lack access to STEAM materials, particularly those pertaining to climate change, owing to a lack of captioned videos or a lack of resources that are ASL-friendly. They have lost out on chances to develop their creativity, acquire knowledge in STEAM fields, participate in hands-on activities, and learn how to be champions for themselves and their communities because of their hearing impairment. Students will learn about how people have an effect on the microenvironment as a consequence of garbage pollution and deforestation, as well as how the macroenvironment (i.e. global warming) has an effect on the health.

“I would like to make sure that those without hearing can still “hear” about what we need to do to stop global warming,” Luke Jun, a co-founder says.

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