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Elevation Church: Finding Joy in Serving Others

When individuals choose to step up and begin to serve humanity, they tend to give themselves the power to feel grateful. Elevation Church has served the community during the COVID-19 pandemic and has allowed many individuals to help others begin their journey in growing themselves. With the tough times ahead, Elevation Church, an online and in person church platform, has been spreading the word of God through its many amenities and letting individuals feel joy as they step beyond their comfort zone to find their calling. By initiating this, Elevation Church has helped individuals grow their faith by taking action, respecting and valuing others and unite with their fellow community members by giving their time to the work of God.

“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

Hebrews 13:16

Operating from the US, Elevation Church is founded by Pastor Steven Furtick and his wife, Holly Furtick. They have been working to impact people and remind them that Jesus is the center of everything we do. Elevation Church had small beginnings with 7 families coming to Charlotte, NC to begin the church, which aligns with one of their values, “we believe big and start small”. Now, they have seen thousands of people come through their doors and experience the love of Christ. 

Elevation Church firmly believes in honoring one other to glorify God so no matter what an individual’s background, there is a level of honor and love they will experience. The vision and reason Elevation Church exists is so people far from God will be raised to life in Christ. Elevation Church wants to highlight what God can do as He resolves an individual’s internal battles. 

How Jesus made the right relationship with God?

Jesus is the biggest example of a man who completely dedicated himself to bring humanity to the path of God. Jesus’ work is exemplary and serves as a model for all those who wish to spread faith in others. Jesus is the only blueprint that can bring individuals to the all-knowing, ever-present and all-powerful God who is compassionate and loving to His people. Pastor Steven is a songwriter and a New York Times bestselling author to five books Crash the Chatterbox, Greater, Sun Stand Still, (Un)Qualified, and Seven-Mile Miracle. Along with his wife, Holly, Pastor Steven has created opportunities through eTeams and eGroups, for people who want to volunteer and make a difference.

With eTeams, an individual can volunteer their time by welcoming newcomers. By answering questions, and helping them find their place through the faith of God, individuals can offer support and pray with them. Through eTeams, an individual gains a family as they serve online or at their campus. By producing an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and feel the presence of God around them, a volunteer through eTeams can spread the word of the Gospel. Through eGroups, an individual can invest in relationships with people who have an interest in developing and strengthening their faith.

Ministries of Elevation Church; eKidz, Youth and Outreach

With eKidz serving as a children’s ministry, Elevation Church has created an opportunity for kids to experience the Gospel. From the age of six weeks to 11, a child can learn about God, and what it looks like to make Him a part of your life. eKidz includes games, Bible stories, activities that will help children be active in the worship of God. With the Youth ministry, students from middle school and high school can develop their faith, invest in friendships that will unify them to serve others and cultivate their character and compassion. A sense of belonging can create an atmosphere where the teenagers can feel welcomed, and Elevation Church does exactly that with its Youth ministry. With Rhythm Nights, which meets monthly, individuals can worship together and hear teachings that are relevant to them.

With Love Week 2021 that commenced on 24th July and lasted till the 31st of July, the Elevation Outreach Ministry made a difference by partnering and serving with over 300 organizations to bring God to the heart of communities. The son of God, Jesus, lived a life of perfection and defeated the call of death in His resurrection so that humanity could survive and have its place in the world. If it weren’t for Jesus bringing forward Christianity, people today would be lost and still looking for their calling. Jesus is perfect as he devoted his life to make His people understand that joy is only achieved when an individual helps and serves others. As the world begins to face the pandemic once again, Elevation Church is in full force providing outlets to people who want to belong and create a true source of happiness within their hearts which can occur when they serve others.

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