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Coach Lilly Wang on Why Mindset is Important

Written by coach Lilly Wang

Everyone TALKS about mindset, but not everyone talks about or understands why it actually affects us.

You see, our mindset can be understood as the composite thoughts and attitudes that we have in life.

And this includes the reactions to things, whether they’re going nicely or poorly.

Successful people have what we coaches call a “success mindset.”

For instance, when things go poorly, successful people have thoughts, attitudes, reactions or responses that lead them OUT of the challenge itself and INTO the solutions.

In other words, they’re solutions oriented: for example, rather than dwelling on how bad they feel about being in the middle of a challenging situation, successful people will tend to ask questions like:

What could be a possible solution here?
If there’s no direct solution, how can I alleviate the pain or the issue?
What IS possible for me to do or say to make things better, right away?

They are also future minded: rather than dwell on the pain of having gone through what they just did, they’ll look at what they have learnt from said experience, and how they could help ensure that they do better in the future.

Do you see how successful people come out of a challenge stronger, faster, wiser, because of their mindset?

And that’s also why successful people tend to get more and more successful… because they’ve chosen to adopt a mindset that helps bring them forward, rather than one that keeps them stuck, or worse than that, one that regresses them back into their past.

This is also why the richer get richer, the successful get more successful, and the happy get happier…

But remember, what anyone can do, you can do too.

Begin to adopt a mindset that is both solutions-based and future-oriented. And you’ll start seeing positive changes in your life, too

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