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THE CONVERSATION ABOUT LOVE Lucia Matuonto, Anneloes Smitsman and Richard Harris

I had the privilege to interview two people connected by their desire to change the world through love.

There are many things going on in the world but we rarely focus on empathy and compassion.

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman and Dr. Richard Harris are both in agreement that people need to start with themselves in order to change the world for good.

This was a very special conversation because it reminds us that there are still people out there like Anneloes and Richard who are passionately trying to make the world a better place through love. It’s the type of reassurance we need nowadays.

 Dr. Richard Harris

This was a treat. A conversation about love. How love can manifest itself in the Universe in the metaphysics of our souls and the practicalities of, let’s say, saving our earth from climate change. We were able to touch on so many aspects of the ways, as Anneloes so beautifully put it, of how we can become vectors for love. How we can focus, how far we can reach?

It was apparent that we had come at the problem of how we change by reaching into ourselves and coming away with stories that provide allegory for dreams and techniques for achieving real change. The two books Quest of the Rose by Anneloes and Imagine a novel by Richard are clearly attempts to ways that the individual and ultimately all of humanity can come to terms with itself in a rational, loving and compassionate conceptualisation. Both provide stories that illustrate the grander path, love, that the authors see written into the music and mathematics of the universe can take us on.

It was a joy having Lucia host such a gentle conversation. She is a sunburst of joy and an enthusiast for understanding, tolerance and love for mankind. The idea of carpooling a conversation about love with a trio that has had the privilege of making the world somewhat of a village for themselves was ingenius. We were able to tease out the hopes, agree on the principles of self-exploration in the context of compassion for others.

I feel this is the start of a conversation of dreamers about the most fundamentally useful and practical thing in the world. Love.

Dr. Anneloes Smithsman 

The conversation for this podcast gives hope and inspiration as we journey through the inner and outer landscapes of our world in change. We explore what it means to become a Vector of Love, the power of imagining a world without borders born from love, the meaning of peace and how to stop normalizing violence and destruction. And how we can each take responsibility for a better world and future, beginning from within. 

We learn about the books of the authors – The Quest of Rose by Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston, and Imagine by Richard Harris. You’ll also discover what you can do in your daily life to become the difference that makes the difference. And how to become a future ancestor of an emerging Earth Civilization. Listen till the end to discover the futurist intuitions by Anneloes and Richard, when Lucia asks them how they envision the future of humanity.  

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