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How Carlton Falconer Jr. Defeats Adversity And Develops Character

Carlton Falconer Jr. is a life coach, a church minister, a Christian blogger, and an advocate of women empowerment. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from La Roche University in McCandless Township, Pennsylvania, and went on to finish his Master’s Degree at Grand Canyon University. Carlton is also a recipient of the highly prestigious National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or NAACP Image award.

As a life coach, Carlton uses his strong presence on social media, and most of his speaking engagements have been seen online by millions. His social media pages and website are accessible in about 92 countries allowing him to reach people of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. Carlton wants to use his voice to inspire others to build a relationship with God to help them overcome their problems and failures.

For Carlton, success is a result of setting one’s mind on a goal and never losing sight of it. He grew up in a project-based community where he faced adversities of all kinds throughout his life, and successfully overcame each one. Carlton didn’t let himself be defeated by the difficulties he encountered but instead took these as opportunities to become the best person he’ll ever be.

Carlton faced different trials when he became an adult, such as unemployment, financial issues, and relationship failures. He credits God for allowing him to pull through and with the help of some support system from his family and friends. Through the challenges he faced, Carlton believes he didn’t just overcome these obstacles but he also made his relationship with God stronger than ever.

Carlton uses his personal experiences to inspire others and let them know that hardships are temporary and are meant to make each person stronger. He hopes more people will begin to acknowledge God’s role in their lives like he did. For Carlton, God is his biggest inspiration, for, without God, he wouldn’t have been able to do and achieve the things he has.

Carlton points to the late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant as having a huge influence in his career. He grew up watching basketball and was amazed at how Bryant was able to perfect his craft to become the world’s best player. Carlton thinks Bryant’s dedication to his work was exemplary, and this is the same kind of dedication he put into his own body of work.

Based on statistics, most of Carlton’s audience are women, so he focuses most of his speeches on women’s empowerment. Carlton believes that every human being, regardless of gender, should have equal access to everything that God created, including opportunities in careers. He believes all genders encounter the same kind of struggles, and God can help everyone overcome the challenges they face. Carlton believes that every human being is born to win and has the ability to overcome every challenge they face. Through his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, he wants his audience to receive his message of encouragement. With his sincerity and integrity, Carlton is certainly the life coach that every person can rely on and learn lessons to overcome challenges to find t

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