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The Most Reliable Platform for Online Trading: XTrend

When a person chooses to do online trading, an essential aspect is being safe, authentic, and reliable. As online trading has taken the world by storm, the idea of safety has become uncertain, and individuals have to work diligently to find reliable platforms. Launched in 2018, XTrend is an application that provides an online trading platform for all kinds of traders, from beginner level amateurs to professionals. XTrend is regulated by the CySEC authority in the EU and is authorized by the FSCA in South Africa (license no. 23497). 

As banks are third-party funds custodian, when trading is done through XTrend, the exchange of capital is safe. As the world actively seeks safe transactions, XTrend has allowed the process of online trading easy. Forex trading has become easy with XTrend as it makes the exchange of foreign currencies smooth and hassle-free. There is fund security of XTrend Speed, NNAC (South Africa) Protection, FSCA Supervision, Bank Protection, Trade Process Monitoring, Secured Fund Flow, and Highly Secured Authentication, which is why assets are being protected all the time.

Choosing XTrend for cryptocurrency

Xtrend allows an individual to trade cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and invest their capital in it. Since cryptocurrency is secured by cryptography, it is nearly impossible to be mimicked or counterfeited. When individuals wish to invest their capital in cryptocurrency, they carry out their transactions one on one and cut out the middle man. XTrend helps in making the process of online trading smooth and fluid. XTrend Speed is the sister app of XTrend, which was launched in 2020 as a trading platform offering CFDs on Forex, Gold, Silver, and more to over 170 countries worldwide. It added CFDs on WTI/US OIL at the beginning of 2020CFDs on Indices in October 2020, and stocks were added in May of this year. Precious metals such as Gold and Silver are traded on XTrend to facilitate all kinds of traders. Reliability is a factor that many individuals wish to see in trading apps, and XTrend provides that with full vigor. XTrend is safe and allows a trader to put their trust in the app.

In the AtoZ Markets Forex Awards 2020, XTrend has won the “Best Mobile Broker of the Year” Award as the app is a pioneer in being an online broker and offering its services. The XTrend Speed app allows users to attend live forums and webinars with a low investment of $2. Traders can get access to live market updates on all symbols at any time and deposit funds from just $5 XTrend launched its Social Trading feature, which is closely monitored to help professional and beginner-level traders. As most individuals want to save their time studying market trends, traders can survey the collective trading activities of other traders. Another feature known as Market Alerts of XTrend offers guidance to trading as there are consistent updates of the current market. This allows the traders to set their levels with effective indicators as they get notified when their selected assets reach the market prices that they want.

How XTrend makes the process easy

XTrend brings innovative technology to the next level as it eases the process of online trading. A few years ago, there was a norm that trading was done physically, yet life has become simplistic with the inception of technology. Purchasing and selling decisions can be made when there is a close analysis of the economy and how it works when it has collapsed or when it is booming. Attaining marketplace affluence can be easy if a person keeps a modest approach. By realizing that there has to be sufficient knowledge to steer a financial market, a person can succeed in online trading. Opting for risks and paying attention to unconfirmed reports means a person aims for momentary victory and not stable wealth. By retaining power and skillfulness, a person can maneuver through the trading world with little fuss. Even though the process of trading is made easier with XTrend and XTrend Speed, the main aim of both apps is safety and reliability.

By understanding earnings, a person should be ready for losses since they are fairly common in the early days. Only with patience can online trading be mastered and then experimented with once the market regulations are clear. Most of the time, there are unplanned and risky situations, yet Xtrend and its risk management push a person to grasp and explore their trading potential. XTrend was well-received when it was launched as it captivated the market since utmost attention was given to iOS and Android users. XTrend has peaked to its full potential to be expanded into different markets and territories. The app creators have released XTrend in several languages, including English, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Czech, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish. When foreign currencies are traded, they need an outlet for purchasing and selling, and XTrend is one such outlet that keeps the progression easy. 

Satisfaction is certain with XTrend

90% of the creators of XTrend are graduates of top universities. The designers have calculated the market trends closely with the maximum devotion to convey a rich experience to the app’s users. When a person starts Forex trading, they could distrust the process and feel that they are escalating downwards. XTrend comes to the rescue for those who wish to study the marketplace and capitalize their money quickly. XTrend acts as an outlet for all types of traders, whether novice or professional, to commence their world with online trading. With technology continuously developing and bringing forward a revolution, online trading has become simple and allows people to invest their wealth. By trading foreign currencies at the right time when it is about to depreciate or appreciate, a trader can earn money and achieve the most out of the deal. Both the apps XTrend and XTrend Speed offer safe and reliable transactions. They can be trusted as all of the assets are protected from hackers and potential threats.

The most reliable online trading apps, XTrend and XTrend Speed offer assurance and can be deemed dependable. XTrend’s main research and development office is located in Limassol, Cyprus. Yet, its legal entities are registered in Malaysia and China, supporting its research and development methods over the collective data covered from different standpoints.  The usability and practicability of both XTrend and XTrend Speed have made its users’ work relaxed and swift compared to heading to the marketplace in person. Most people assume that the financial marketplace is tough to capitalize on due to the nature that it frequently changes. Most people incline towards real estate and trust they have made an innocent investment, yet Forex trading has more returns, and a broker can make a lot of money. As people move to online trading, they intentionally invest their money in a safe and trustworthy platform. With XTrend and XTrend Speed, trading has gone from difficult to easy and flawlessly enhanced the procedure.

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