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Leadership Spotlight: The Untold Story of The Kid Who Was Born Twice

This month’s Leadership Spotlight here on the Los Angeles Tribune is on Jayson Phillips, a man who has lived an incredible and inspirational life showing what strength and courage looks like.

By Aris Valeris

Prodigious wordsmith and lyrical extraordinaire Jayson Phillips is the literal example of creating yourself of broken bones and pure determination.

Springing out of Houston Texas culture showered in accolades, having conquered every

speaking competition he set his eye on Jayson is now flown from state to state grabbing his audiences by the gut every time his message hits the mic. But only a handful of people are aware of the petrifying events that triggered the emergence of the keen communicator now recognized as Miracle Jay.

Jayson raised mostly by his grandparents like an only child constantly tossed around between his moms and dads homes, as a teenager was granted abundant opportunity for mischievous behavior,  but also alone time for carving out his own artistic expression.

His father was a distant man and a disciplinarian. Conversations in their house were rare but potent. Being an advocate of hard work he ingrained in Jay the qualities of a man who earns his position in life. In his mother’s home he took the role of mentor and protector to his younger sister and brother while handling a rivalry with a criminal stepbrother.

His roaring passion for figuring out language and sheer dedication to unlocking the mechanics of the  human mind, behavior and communication stemmed from his childhood fascination with solving puzzling equations in English literature, video games and technology. He began teaching himself lyric writing in the 6th grade and kept up with it relentlessly. Soon enough he became known as a top freestyler in his school driving himself to even more writing and recording songs.

As the years went by his affinity for understanding patterns transferred to the study of movement. His attention was consumed by the world of skating as a result of that and he

learned by devouring every single bite of information he could scrape off of youtube.  He taught himself how to ollie, shuvit, kickflip to heelflip, annihilating his athletic rivals and

mastering in a a matter of weeks what took others years to accomplish.

Right then, tenth grade he decided to push and take it to the extreme. Graduating high school would be his last frontier before surrendering all his days and nights to the life of a pro skater athlete. But life pushed back, handing him an ultimatum. Jayson was involved in a freak accident.  As he was walking in his schoolyard a car run him over, collapsing his skull under the bulk of its metal skeleton.

Instantly rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery and was kept in a medically induced coma for weeks. When he opened his eyes on his hospital bed unable to account for weeks of his life he was shocked by anger and sadness for what happened. Relearning to eat, speak, walk and live again became his sole focus for the years to follow.

He made his mind up to bloom from his own body. He would not be embalmed by his past ambitions. His overgrown ability to deduct from what is invisible to others enabled him to ditch his bed, his wheelchair, his stick all in that order and walk again with nothing but a cane. The demise of Jayson Phillips brought forth Miracle Jay. He was born again.

Now days MJ is travelling the world passing the light of his knowledge and instructing people out of similar situations. As an overqualified example of what it is like to overcome the impossible he is generously sharing specific skillsets techniques and mindsets  focusing on serving the individual needs of his friends and clients, masterfully demonstrating how to grasp the roots of the deepest parts of one’s consciousness and architect belief systems to serve ones unique aims.

Catastropiece is his podcast where you can access more information on his story and services.

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