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Reason Studios Have Emerged As Hollywood’s Go-To Color Grading Provider

When it comes to color grading your commercial, film or project, it is hard to find a company/person to trust these days, as color grading is one of the key aspects to what viewers actually see when viewing a final project. It could mean your project/film fails if not done right! For those that may not know the term, ‘color grading’ is the process of stylizing the color scheme of your movie/film footage by “painting” on top of what you’ve established through color correction.

Founded in Los Angeles by award-winning colorist Yu Sun, Reason Studio has emerged in the market as a leading provider of color grading and delivery service for motion picture, television, VOD, commercial, music video, and fashion content. 

Although boutique, the Reason Studios’ setup is as professional as any large company and equipped with the latest technology. As the studio partners with some of the top brands and creative professionals worldwide and here in Los Angeles, their supreme quality is one that industry professionals keep raving about; It’s no wonder streamers like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos have many programs that have been serviced by popular post production colorist Yu Sun and his team at Reason Studios.

Speaking to the Tribune exclusively, Reason Studios founder Roy Sun aka Yu Sun answered a few questions about his studio and what’s to come:

What does Reason Studio offer that other colorists don’t?

Gear and skill. Although we are a very small boutique, our set up is as professional as those big companies. We are equipped with the latest Mac Pro, so it provides real-time render speed; and we have the full Davinci Resolve advanced panel set up, with the skill of the colorist. We can finish projects much faster than other colorists with smaller panels, or without a panel. And we calibrate our monitor very often, the cost of calibrating our monitor is more expensive than buying 10 consumer level monitors. I myself as a colorist have been working for color grading only for almost 10 years already. I have done so many projects that the director & producer brought it to me because the previous colorist messed up and they hated the color. So I sat down with them and fixed everything, / or started over, and they all loved it. so they became my clients forever. Being a colorist is not easy – we are constantly challenging ourselves. You need to be really good at technology, artistic and communication.

What are your and Reason Studios’ greatest achievements overall?  

We worked with so many big names. Big corps like Disney, DC, NBC, Warner Brothers, and Spotify… and brands like Vogue, Cocacola, Nike, Adidas, Reebok… so many.

But I think my most proud work is the one short film we produced, called what is color. It is an educational one minute piece that tells people the importance of color grading. The idea is simple and straightforward: one simple set, one lighting condition, with the help of color grading, the actor transfers himself into so many different scenes and the audiences are immersed in the mood, to show that color grading changes the story. This short film got so popular in China that basically every single filmmaker in China has seen it. It got retweeted by many famous directors and cinematographers.

And finally, how would you say the success of Reason Studios and your work through the company has helped you to garner recognition and gain traction in a very competitive market? 

I would say – reliable and focused. we keep our work at a little bit lower volume so no matter what the project is, we treat them equally important.

For more on Reason Studios click here.

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