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How Speaker and Coach Shaleea Venney used her words to Inspire 10 million people

Shaleea motivates people worldwide to shift their mindset and lifestyle to be the best version of themselves in their private lives and relationships.

As an author, internationally known speaker, and host of the successful podcast: Girl, Which, Way?!, she coaches clients towards personal empowerment and healthy relationships. With podcast listeners on every continent and over 10 million views across social media platforms, she is making a name for herself and changing the narrative on how we define healthy relationships.

As a speaker, she captivates audiences and digs deeper with relatable hard truths to steer them away from the fairy tale idea that love is easy while highlighting the reality that it is worth the effort and can be beautiful.

She combines her public speaking and writing expertise to help each client set realistic and measurable goals that enable them to be better partners and fuller humans.

Please Tell Us A Bit About Yourself

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me! I am Shaleea Venney from Long Beach, Ca. I am a bestselling author, international speaker, Licensed Nurse, Master Certified life/relationship coach, and podcast host. I started off writing books and published my first one in 2013. My writing led to my speaking career and founding my non-profit for at-risk teens: Venney Girl Inc. I felt I needed to do more to reach more people but didn’t know where to start. I started getting requests for one-on-one consults from my social media followers, so I got Master Certified, became a life coach, and began taking clients right away. I would never have imagined that things would go so quickly, but my passions and gifts have opened many excellent doors for me and allowed me to change countless lives.

What’s Been the Biggest Challenge, You’ve Faced Along The Way?

There is one thing I had to learn, and when I did, it catapulted me to the next level. I am the only person who has the power to stop me from going after the life of my dreams. Sure, there have been challenges getting my name out there. I have struggled with engaging my audience to listen to my words or buy my books. I have worked hard to get speaking engagements. But the biggest challenge I had to overcome was my mindset limitations. I knew I had what it took to succeed but was it safe? Could I indeed do it? What if no one listened? How could I land on those dream stages? Who would buy from me? I had talked myself out of it so many times that it almost didn’t happen. When I learned to trust my gut and gifts, I showed up like I belonged because I finally realized that I did. Overcoming the “imposter syndrome” mindset changed everything for me.  

Tell Us More About What You Do?

I motivate people around the world to shift their mindset and lifestyle to be the best version of themselves in their private lives and their relationships. As an author, internationally known speaker, and host of the successful podcast: Girl, Which, Way?!, I coach clients towards personal empowerment and healthy relationships. Because we know that we can’t be of any value to anyone else if our cup isn’t complete, I help people get over their insecurities and past traumas to give them the confidence boost they need to attract their very best. I set out to change the narrative on how we heal and define healthy relationships, and through my work, I can do just that. I give my clients measurable goals and personalized content to help transport them to their best level. No other coach is more invested in the success of their clients, and it’s personal to me.

What Would You Tell Others Hoping to Follow Their Dreams?

I am a firm believer that if you find your gifts, you can discover success. We all have something that we excel at, that little voice on the inside of us that whispers, “There’s more!” If you want to have success, you must stop living afraid and heed that voice inside of you. Chase your passions and the things you love to do so much that you’d do them for free. How can you nurture those gifts and build on them? Your success is something you already have inside you, and you need to build it up. No longer are we living small. It’s your time. If you want success, you have to start. Start small, start afraid, start unsure. I am living proof of what happens when you get out of your way. I went from fear to reaching 10 million people and counting through my platform. 

Define What Success Means to You

Success to me is living life on your terms, waking up with a sense of purpose because you’re doing what you love, and helping someone every day being able to spend time with your family and having the luxury of owning your time. THAT is what I consider to be a true success.

What’s Next For Shaleea?

I am writing new books, making more content, and coaching more clients. I want to host a show, speak on even bigger stages, and leave a legacy of healed and happy people who can say that I made their lives better in some way!

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