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Bodyguard: Bubba Almony earns top National anti-bullying advocate leadership honor!

Award Winning Celebrity Bodyguard and anti-bullying advocate Adriano “Bubba” Almony was honored by the The Los Angeles Tribune as the top National anti-bullying advocate! October marks National Bullying Prevention Month across the Nation. The Los Angeles Tribune Team and CEO Moe Rock made the decision this month to recognize Almony for his continued courageous and outstanding leadership as a bullying prevention advocate who goes above and beyond in the fight against bullying! Almony will be speaking throughout the month of October about bullying prevention as he has done so many times! A bodyguard is the ideal individual to speak about personal safety, protection and bullying prevention Almony insists! I’m sure many would agree! Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among 10 to 24 year olds. Almony has been on a constant persistent mission of interviews, speaking engagements and giving back revolving around bullying awareness. Almony didn’t hesitate to jump into the wrestling ring in Chincoteague, Virginia when he witnessed a situation where the Owner of the event who invited him out was being bullied by professional wrestlers!

A strong renderance of hope

Almony has gone to the extreme to donate professional bodyguard services to youth victims of bullying who had endured life threatening bullying issues. In 2020 Almony did a first of its kind when he donated bodyguard services to numerous youth victims of serious bullying. The youth had 3 professional bodyguards with them throughout the day, received light and siren police escorts and got to meet the Berlin, Maryland Mayor. Almony states those children received the same service that an A-list celebrity would receive. Almony said still to this day those kids and teens talk about the inspiration, hope and help that day provided to them. Almony will once again this October donate his time and professional services to youth victims of abuse. Everyday should be about bullying prevention awareness until the negative behavior is permanently eradicated, Almony stated.

Bubba’s Celebrity Basketball Game took place on Saturday August 28th at the Worcester County Recreation Center in Snow Hill, Maryland. The event hosted top names in the world coming together to bring awareness to bullying prevention and mental health. Almony states that mental health and bullying can coincide with one another. Someone experiencing bullying can very well suffer from mental health issues. Almony, a security professional of ten years, states he has never quite experienced a challenge protecting the most high profile names in the world like he has come to face in the fight against bullying. Almony recently even as an advocate had experienced his own run in with bullying. He said it was something he would never want any person to experience and it only drove him to more! Almony states even when he’s protecting his clients he’s helping them keep safe from harm and abusive behavior. 

Find the Ali in you

Almony who is a Bodyguard for the iconic Family of the late activist and world champion boxer Muhammad Ali states that he found the Ali in him to stand up for what is right in the world. Muhammad Ali went to heaven so we all could find the Ali in us! There is an Ali in you discover it! During his Celebrity Basketball Game Dr. Khalilah Camacho-Ali former wife to “the greatest” Muhammad Ali spoke about her experience where she was bullied when she was younger. She reminded children of their unique value in life and spoke out against bullying! Almony said when the Ali family speaks it is deeply respected and people truly listen! Almony speaks confidently that bullying will be driven out of society if we all spread love. Almony teaches personal safety throughout different martial arts studios when he comes to speak apart of his anti bullying program. He’s also a member of the NAACP where he was recently honored for his impactful community service. Almony may be a bodyguard to many of the worlds greatest names but he isn’t forgetting about those who need the protection most! Almony strongly suggests everyone use security even if the only security you have is your faith!

Photo Courtesy of RH Imagery Photos

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