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Cafe Disko Explains the Inspiration Behind Their Lyrics

Behind everyone’s favorite song is an untold story. For a music artist, behind every great song is also an untold story. Cafe Disko takes you behind theirs.

Cafe Disko is a celebrated music duo known for its unique sound and vibrant style. Their songs include Houston, Heart-Shaped Box, Lost With You, and their most recent N2S. They have also collaborated with top names in the industry, such as Divmond, in their song Santeria which has gained over two million plays.

For the duo, authentic music is more about the message. In composing their music, Cafe Disko notes their inspirations are mainly from their personal lives and what is happening around the globe. Growing up listening to music icons such as Autograf, Louis the Child, and Skrillex, Paul and Patrick noted the fact that their music was both entertaining and inspiring. These legends taught the duo the value of creating timeless music.

Their goal is to create everyday music that never goes out of style and is always memorable. Cafe Disko creates music that people seek whenever they feel like listening to good music that is easy to relate to and understand.

While composing their music, every session is a whole new experience. Music is about expressing your feelings and using those feelings to tell your story, notes Cafe Disko. Every song has its own different story, and in creating music, there is no routine. In their words, sometimes it takes a session or two to compose a song, while other times it might take months or even years. It all depends on how the music comes out. They are committed to providing their listeners with the best music, and unless they are delighted with the content, they don’t release it.

Collaboration is an essential skill for musicians. It helps artists grow their audience, gain more recognition, and also diversify their sound. Collaborating with several artists, Cafe Disko makes sure they all have similar goals and visions. Regarding their musical collaboration, they say inspiration is from both parties. Their track “All These Pretty Girls” is actually from two different songs. When Austin came on board, Patrick and Paul had already composed the song almost a year previous but had not released it. After combining their stories, they created a song that tells the story best.

The duo is currently working on a project that involves releasing fresh new music every month for the rest of the year. With two new releases that are already out, Cafe Disko has set the ball rolling.

Understanding the value of music, Cafe Disko is bringing back the old vibes when music was more than just catchy beats and hooks. Not only is their music entertaining, but it is also educational and informative to listen to. From love, social injustices, oppressions, self-worth, and respect, Cafe Disko creates lyrics that are diverse and have different meanings. They have opened for top artists like Chance the Rapper, Loud Luxury, and T-pain. The duo has also headlined and performed DJ sets at many of the most notable clubs in the US.

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