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How VOYR Is Changing Lives For The Better

The first social platform built on and powered by blockchain technology, VOYR is a game-changing experience for content creators. Enrique Barreto co-founded the company to address the disconnect between the pretenses of social media and the longing for meaningful relationships in the modern digital age. However, he observed that the opportunities for true connections and personalized interactions seemed few and far between.

Enrique Barreto was able to draw from his extensive background in computer knowledge, combined with his ability to anticipate pop culture trends destined to have an influence on the industry, to intuitively focus on what was needed to empower and enable today’s generations to embrace the future.

Fast forward to meeting David Siles – co-founder of VOYR – and the dream slowly began to take shape into a realistic plan. The men formed a formidable team, featuring a brilliant combination of technical service experience that meant more than just answering support tickets and troubleshooting. They were finally able to work collaboratively, utilizing each other’s strengths to drive their startup forward.

When Enrique Barreto, an entrepreneur by nature, made the decision that he wanted to give back, he teamed up with Dave to create something bigger than either of them had ever imagined. And thus, VOYR was born, a subscription service that gives content creators an easy and secure way to monetize their content.

What makes VOYR different? All trading takes place in cryptocurrency – powered by the blockchain.

VOYR’s social media exchange gives power to the content creator community by allowing them to connect authentically with their fans in a public forum. Social media should be used as an opportunity for connection and not just self-expression, as sharing content publicly is what makes the relationship between creators and fans so meaningful. It allows you to build up something special over time.

How exactly does VOYR work? Subscribers have an option to support your content (and by extension, you) with a voucher. Your $VOYRME token can increase in value as more users join the platform, which means more shared profits. Every $VOYRME token sold or bought by any user results in a transaction fee being divided into reallocation funds, one of which is returned into the $VOYRME pool. This process, in turn, can increase the token holders’ worth.

When asked about the projections for next year, Enrique shared that as an open community welcoming all creators, VOYR really has the ability to break all records. “We do not focus on numbers: We focus on exceptionally good experience: when you have a great product, the rest will fall into place.” They also offer content creators access to their money without any hidden costs, which is what makes the platform so unique. “Our website makes it possible for content creators to get paid 100% instantly, with no hidden costs. We also give 1% of the profits from $VOYRME token trading to charity. Everybody wins.”

Enrique Barreto is adamant that anyone can do what he does. He empowers all people to find  themselves and cultivate their talents, albeit humbly and in a way that builds their confidence.  He is careful to remind all of us to never lose ourselves in mundane arrogance, as it is only  through life experiences and organic development that we can truly find our place in the world.    

“Give your best,” says Mr. Barreto, “and contribute with excellence on every project you undertake!”

What is VOYR’s mission? To give back to our community. Our core value is the belief that all people should have equal rights and be given a fair chance, and we strive to provide opportunities for success so they can live their best lives possible. We believe in connecting content creators to fans, no matter what age you are, or how long ago your first video was made. Everyone has something unique that is waiting to be shared with the world – they just need help uncovering it.

And instead of giving free stuff away like some other platforms, VOYR tokens are redeemable, as they are indexed against fiat currencies. Users also earn reflections of tokens on every purchase, sale, or transfer, which offers an extra incentive to hold the cryptocurrency over the long term.

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