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How A Natural Skincare and Cosmetics Line Is Shaking Up The Beauty Industry

Luxurious and natural skincare and cosmetics. Anchored on the ideals of simplicity and hydration. Created by women, for women. Its Founder, Zeenat Sheikh.

Zeenat’s rise to the top wasn’t by wishful thinking. As a child, she assisted her mother with the sales of make-up products such as Avon and Mary Kay. Which was what built her passion for the beauty industry in the first place. Through that, she discovered what her true passion was, which is to make a long and lasting impact.

During her college days, she worked at a retail store as a make-up artist, at the NARS counter. This further fueled her passion for make-up and made her fall in love with the cosmetics world. She went on to become an Executive and District Manager for luxury brands around the tri-state. She took her experience with her to cosmetology school and got her license and certificates, leading her to thrive in the beauty industry.

As a skincare and cosmetics enthusiast, Zeenat knew that before applying make-up, it is important to first heal the skin. This is what led her to launch her skincare line before her cosmetics line.

Zeenat often reminds people that a minimal skincare routine is OKAY! Skincare routines do not have to be a long and complicated procedure to be effective. Zeenat is confident that her brand, L’Zur, will help people feel beautiful without using 20 different products and spending endless hours on their routine.

Zeenat is filled with extensive knowledge of what she sells to her clients. She’s very much aware of false claims, therefore she chose not to sell what she doesn’t fully and whole-heartedly believe in. When she started her brand, she thought, “if I claim that this product has certain vitamins, and benefits, then it has to meet the requirements of my claims.” She tells people in FULL confidence that L’Zur Skincare and Cosmetics is a brand that lives up to its claims.

With 18+ years of beauty industry experience, Zeenat Sheikh, Founder of L’Zur Skincare and Cosmetics, created a skincare line that is shaking up the beauty industry.

When asking Zeenat what she thought was “missing” from the beauty industry, she confidently answered, “Education and high-quality products. Too often I find that my skincare clients are buying skincare that is making false claims. And in addition, they have no idea what ingredients are genuinely good or bad for their skin. This is why I stand firm in providing the best ingredients I can get my hands on, from all around the world. And not only that, but here at L’Zur we only make claims with integrity. Claims we can and will stand by, whole-heartedly.”

When Zeenat created L’Zur, she thought, “If I claim that this product has certain vitamins and benefits, then it has to meet the requirements of my claims, no questions asked”.

Whether it be their Aloe Vera & Lemon Peel Purifying Cleanser, Rose & Chamomile Pore Minimizing Toner, Sea Buckthorn Hydra Boosting Oil, Mango Butter Night Eye Complex, or their Emu Oil & Pea Peptide Hydrating Moisturizer – L’Zur has you COVERED, both literally and figuratively.

Standing firm by their claims, L’Zur is paving the way with their next-level skincare line.

L’Zur’s skincare line consists of 5 luxurious products:

  1. Aloe Vera & Lemon Peel Purifying Cleanser: Refreshing and Renewed

“Purify your skin with the purest blend of Aloe Vera and organic Lemon Peel for a

refreshing and renewed feeling. Our gel-based purifying cleanser is formulated by

women for women, with the purest age-defying ingredients. This one-step gentle and

effective gel cleanser removes oils, impurities & make-up without irritation.”

  1. Rose & Chamomile Pore Minimizing Toner: Brightening and Balancing

“An innovative blend of botanical organic ingredients, hydrosol waters, rose water, roman chamomile, and aloe vera nectar restores your skin’s pH level. A boost of water-loving molecules of hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan will refresh and renew your skin instantly, providing you with a light hydrated dewy feel. Vitamin B3, Niacinamide, and Pea Peptides encourage tightener pores while improving skin’s texture and oil production.”

  1. Emu Oil & Pea Peptide Hydrating Moisturizer: Glowing and Radiant

“This High-performance cream moisturizer is powered by Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Hydrosol, Emu Oil, and Cucumber for a burst of hydration. The highly concentrated peptide cream visibly improves signs of aging and improves the skin’s thickness giving a bright radiant glow. This formula contains a blend of natural elements of hydrophilic, water-loving ingredients, hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, algae, and hops. Rich in Vitamin A for a boost of natural retinol to increase collagen production.”

  1. Sea Buckthorn Hydra Boosting Oil: Hydrating and Firming

“This proprietary blend of Sea Buckthorn & Emu Oil is formulated with the finest natural ingredients from organic herbal based origins, this serum is deeply hydrating with ultra-light moisturizing oils. While this oil will boost your skin’s radiance with Vitamins A, C, & E, Carrot Seed Oil, and Olive Squalene, its potent antioxidant qualities penetrate to improve your skin’s thickness and firmness with coenzymes. Coenzymes are vital to the production of energy in your skin’s cells to promote healthy cell turnover. This powerful product is filled with Citrus fruit and brown sugarcane acids working naturally to brighten and lighten your complexion.”

  1. Mango Butter Night Eye Complex: De-Puffer and Illuminator

“This recovering eye cream plumps, tightens, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Mango Butter, Kakadu Plum & Marula Oil are all-natural ingredients where nature meets science. All of these elements in this formulation are used to illuminate and provide a glow in sensitive areas around the eyes. This blend of Sea Buckthorn Oil and Peptides will naturally stimulate blood flow and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.”

So, whether it’s the Aloe Vera & Lemon Peel Purifying Cleanser or the Sea Buckthorn Hydra Boosting Oil, L’Zur is without a doubt living up to its claims – now and forevermore!

And believe it or not, it doesn’t stop there…

This is where the education aspect comes in. Even little things like drinking a glass of water before and after you take a shower, bath, or go in the hot tub – because when we are dehydrated, our skin not only knows it, but it most definitely shows it.

Zeenat is very passionate about educating people on how healing starts from within, and the need for each of us to focus on an overall healthy lifestyle. She says, “It isn’t only about the products we use, but also the food we eat, people we surround ourselves with, the amount of exercise we get daily, and so much more!”

You see, Zeenat doesn’t want to just give women a bandaid, like several other brands in the beauty industry, she instead wants to help them get to the root of their skin issues, and to do that they must first gain the wisdom needed for them to embark on their very own healing journey!

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