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Book Release: The Power Of A Woman From The Perspective Of Real Men

Women are a very important part of every society in the world, but in the past, they have always been overlooked. Fortunately, we have come a very long way as a society to uphold the importance of women. They enhance, empower, and enlighten anything that they set their mind to. Some cultures instill machismo [masculine pride] mentalities, into young girls that haven’t been given the chance to see what they can truly do. If these young women are able to see the opportunities that await them, imagine how much of a safer and smarter place our societies could be. ..and that’s just one piece of the puzzle! It’s time for all of us to do our part in this movement!

The power of a woman is more than just breaking standard gender roles, but also being seen as an individual who can bring many skills to the table. 

The Power Of A Woman From The Perspective Of Real Men

Get Your Limited Edition Copy Today!

 My life has been shaped by the presence of so many powerful women around me such as my wife and a lot of my mentors, that I decided to write a book to honor them. From life lessons to motivational quotes, The Power Of A Woman From The Perspective Of Real Men, coming out October 11th, discusses various ways that women have inspired me to become the successful person I am today. I wrote this book thinking about how we, as a society, should be empowering women more than ever RIGHT NOW. Overall, this book is my way of giving back to all of the powerhouse women that deserve recognition for being resilient, relentless, and inspiring human beings.

Without women, we all literally would not exist. Need I say more?

The book will be released on various platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target. In addition to these platforms, there will be exactly 220 Special Author’s Stamped Limited Edition hardcover copies released ONLY on  

IG Book Launch

I am bringing the best of the best to YOU, and that is an amazing panel of exceptional women to highlight who they are and why I feel they represent the power that women hold. They will be sharing what the power of a woman is from their perspective, share some challenges that they have faced to get to where they are today, and simply share with you all what they think of my latest book. My mission with this interview panel is to inspire those looking for that thing that ignites them to continue on their journey to success and happiness or to simply begin!

The special guests will be announced across all of my social media platforms a few days leading up to the book release date. What does this mean? You will have to keep an eye out and see who will be making an appearance (need to add some mystery to keep you on your feet)…I will see you all there!

Book Launch Release Party!

To celebrate this milestone, my team and I will be having a virtual launch party the same day (Oct. 1st) via Zoom beginning at 4pm PST/6pm Central!

You will not want to miss out on all of the special surprises and giveaways we have lined up for you!

Final Thoughts.

Women are more than just mothers and wives, they are CEOs, entrepreneurs, and vice presidents. They are leading movements and creating jobs for others, as well as inspiring younger girls to understand they are more than societal standards. Unfortunately, this information seems like common sense to almost anyone with basic human decency but with recent worldwide events, it seems like individuals need more reminders on how powerful women are. 

I cannot express how excited I am for this book to finally be released. It’s a project that I’ve been working on for this past year and it is finally coming to life. Along with my passion for mentoring and entrepreneurship, I’ve always enjoyed putting my thoughts onto paper. To be able to write a book about all the enlightening and empowering wisdom I’ve learned from the women around me feels amazing. I will continue to uplift the women around me for as long as I live and you should do the same. 

Take time to read The Power Of A Woman From The Perspective Of Real Men, coming out October 11th, and come to the virtual launch party the same day via Zoom!

Lastly, share this with powerful women, men, and individuals around you that might need some inspiration to be a bad*ss!


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