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Inglourious Orcs Brawl Party – the NFT drop to watch in October 2021

The Highly Anticipated NFT IOBP has finally been announced to drop on October 15th.

Inglourious Orcs Brawl Party. Intrigued by the fact that so many people were talking about this project, it was a no-brainer to dig deeper and find out why there was anticipation and hype behind this project specifically.

After spending a few days researching the team behind the project, it became easy to understand why this project had garnered so much attention even before its launch.

Why invest in NFTs?

NFTs allow people to invest in assets that were not available before, or in the cases of digital art or sports cards, which were a lot less easily transferable. Similar to physical items, the intangible aspects of a “digital rarity” does impact the value. So whether the NFT has a celebrity endorsement, some brand guarantee, or a sports card of a basketball player with high potential, all of this can affect the price of an NFT, which means that it is a viable investment.

Here’s what you need to know about IOBP ahead of its highly anticipated launch on October 15th

Inglorious Orcs Brawl Party is the hottest project to drop in October 2021. “10000 Orcs will be available for minting later this month“, as per The Creators of the NFT, who have been involved in many other projects.

Along with giveaways happening on their Discord, the project will have special Fullmoon events. We know right now that every Full Moon day, there will be a contest between all the four Tribes, and the winners will get rewards. “This is about the community and the importance of giving back to those who believe in you, so we wanted to create a special event around our project,” said Nunz – the project manager.

Our take on the project

The marketing and the roadmap are indeed what seems to have the most promise in the project. In a land where paying thousands of dollars for a jpeg once seemed ludicrous, it has now become the norm. While less than 1% of the general population still knows of NFTs, IOBP have committed themselves to the long-term game of NFTs.

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