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Zigs Devotes a Thank You to New York Amidst the Ups and Downs of the Pandemic

New York artist Zigs releases her newest project “From New York with Love” which draws inspiration from the adversities the city faced throughout last year’s coronavirus pandemic. The project references nostalgic imagery of New York city life; from the $1 pizza shops on every corner to the vibrant and diverse cultures and life, Zigs ensures that you can truly feel the love she poured into this project. The songs pay tribute to the majesty of the city and how even in the midst of struggles and at its lowest the nation’s busiest city will always come back on top. “It’s a place where anyone can be anything at any moment in time” Zigs describes, “there really aren’t many places where you can find that.”

She has worked on this project for well over a year and the fruits of the labor are apparent when listening. Zigs said, “The city was always a magical place for me and to this day it still blows me away”. Many have associated the city of Manhattan with wonder and opportunity, and with the challenges that many of its citizens have faced including shutdowns, health restrictions and testing obstacles they still find the motivation and drive to triumph.

The project also speaks on Zigs’ own personal relationship with NY as well, being a native to Long Island. She says, “It has been such an integral part of my life for so long and I felt Like I owed the city my love and self expression”. She grew up taking the LIRR into Manhattan and would go to Broadway plays for school and lived most her life traversing around midtown with her college friends. Now that her focus is music she was able to give back to her city in a heartfelt devotion that displays what it has meant to her. “From New York with Love” is available now on Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify to stream and purchase, along with other great works from this talented New York artist. If you’re in the mood for more uplift also be sure to check out Zigs 2020 anthem, “Everything Will Be Fine”.

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