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The Top Advice Jeff Lassen Would Give Young Professionals

Budding entrepreneurs are often inspired by success stories of big names in the industry. After all, it takes years of struggle and hard work to grow your business from a small room to one of the most reputable names in the market. Jeff Lassen, the founder of Rite Way Auto Transport has a story that has lessons for every entrepreneur out there.

The journey of growing the company from scratch into a thriving business that generates north of 21 million dollars per year was a roller coaster ride. Whether it is his ability to be persistent with his efforts or the power to turn setbacks into motivation, there are a plethora of things that we all can learn from him. We are going to share the most important advice that he has for all young professionals.

His Journey And The Story of Rite Way Auto Transport

One of the most critical aspects of establishing a successful business is identifying the needs of the market. And that’s exactly what he did while building Rite Way Auto Transport as well as Load Genie, the software system that has changed the way vehicles are transported in America.

His new platform, Load Genie is a revolution in the transportation industry. Lassen’s knowledge of the industry combined with technology know-how has given the world the software platform of the century.

His company is known for being the fastest vehicle transport company in America. The integration of Load Genie has made the process 100% more efficient. Blending vehicle logistics with transportation service and using innovative technology, the company can now pick up automobiles from any part of the country within hours. The system also allows the customers to live track their vehicles while in transit. The trackers are updated to utmost accuracy every couple of minutes.

Jeff Lassen’s Life-Changing Advice For All Young Professionals

We all have specific goals in our lives. However, sometimes all it takes is a push and a little advice from experienced leaders to give a boost to our journey.

Lassen has a common yet the most crucial advice for all young entrepreneurs. If you want to succeed in your life, you need to work hard. And not just regular hard work; he means crazy hard work.

Sharing his own experience, he reveals that he worked like a total animal from 6:30 in the morning to midnight every day of the week in the initial years of Rite Way Auto Transport. He says he had no plan B and there was no other option than to take Rite Way to the moon.  Starting your day in the office at 6:30 sharp every morning gives you such a jump start on the rest of the industry its actually funny.  He remembers the original goal and it was to outwork the competition, plain and simple.  He did exactly that, started with a used computer and a magic jack to now owning the 11,000 sqft building Rite Way currently occupies.         

Growing a business is a full-time job that needs your attention round-the-clock. So, for the first few years, forget your friends, family, and girlfriends and let all relationships and social engagements take a back seat.  He says most people are unsuccessful in business not because of their inability, but their unwillingness to put in the hours it actually takes.  Weekends and late nights were his favorite time to work because he felt the rest of the industry was sound asleep.  He took it as an opportunity to grab the low hanging fruit and really blow passed everyone like they were standing still.  He would come in the office on Monday morning with already 20+ deals on the board whereas the rest of the industry is just getting started for the week.  There was simply no catching him.   

He also stresses the importance of finishing work on time without excuses. He’d rather be good and on time than be extraordinary but late. 

While “hard work is the key to success” is standard advice, it also serves as the backbone of every other advice and tip you might be given. Unless you’re ready to sweat it out and work hard on your goals, success isn’t going to come easily, Lassen actually says it will never come. If you are looking for that little push, then make sure you check out his inspiring story on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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