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Books Becoming Tv Series Or Movies We Cannot Wait To See


Some of the most talked-about TV series of the past few years are all based on novels and other published works. So, what will the next hit be? We’ve rounded up a list of books, comic books, and graphic novels currently in development as TV or streaming series that have the potential to become the next big Certified Fresh thing.

We’ll update our list as new information becomes available with new titles added, projects that have been canceled, release dates announced, and stars that have been attached. As with all good reading material, make sure to bookmark it. 

Did your favorite book that is becoming a TV series not make our list? Is there a book you’d like to see made into a show? Tell us about it in the comments! 


Network: Amazon Prime Video

Based On: Characters from author James Patterson’s books.

The Fanbase: Fans of Patterson’s novels and their adaptations, as well as works by similar authors like Jeffery Deaver (The Bone Collector).

What We Know So Far: Variety broke the news in 2020 that Amazon Prime Video was developing the series.

Chances It Will Be a Certified Fresh Hit: Morgan Freeman has starred as Alex Cross in two film adaptations — Kiss The Girls and Along Camea Spider— of Patterson’s works, and Tyler Perry played him in one Alex CrossAll are very much not Certified Fresh. TV adaptations of Patterson’s work have fared somewhat better.


Network: Starz

Based On: Roxsane Tiernan’s autobiography series book.

The Fanbase: Autobiography fans who loves stories about successful woman.  

What We Know So Far: Tiernan writes mostly in third person, referring to herself as “Zip,” a nickname she earned at her birth in January 1940. Five siblings soon followed. At 16, Zip was raped by her father, who accused Zip of seducing him. Zip graduated early from high school and left home, marrying at 20. She had three daughters, the youngest dying of a brain tumor shortly after starting college. Zip’s marriage ended a few years later.

The book’s second half focuses on her work in Canada’s version of Girl Scouts, her travels (often described in unexplained foreign terms) and completion of her teacher’s training. She devotes an entire chapter to a family trip to Quebec that was marred by quarrels with her husband, and several paragraphs to bickering with his family after he died.

In 1989, Tiernan legally dropped her birth and married names and began “a new section of my life.” The final chapter and epilogue, written in first person, tell of her life with a man she met through a personal ad in 1992.

Chances It Will Be a Certified Fresh Hit: It’s a topical piece and with the right backing (say, a plug from Stacey Abrams or Michelle Obama), it could win in a landslide.


Network: BET+

Release Date: Summer 2021

Based On: Christian Keye’s 2014 romance novel, Ladies Night.

The Fanbase: It’s a sexy romance thriller that deals with a double-crossed madam (Marilyn Deville) within the male stripper universe and is produced by Tyler Perry Studios. So there are fanbases. Plural.

Everything We Know So Far: Keyes created the series and also appears as hitman The Concierge. Other cast members in the 10-episode drama include Skyh Alvester Black as a dancer with a hidden past and Candace Maxwell as the house’s DJ who aspires for more. 

Chances It Will Be a Certified Fresh Hit: The show might not bring about as many serious issues as Starz’s stripper series P-Valley ,but there’s always an audience ready to make it rain for scantily clad men. 

P.A.L PUPPY Storytime

Network: TBD

Based On: Karen Laird 2020 novel.

The Fanbase: This is for Parents, Teachers, Kids and Guardians.

What We Know So Far: “PAL” means Positive Attitudes for Life. We all have attitudes; we all have choices. The Pal Puppy series has a mission for all young children: to become more aware of choices. Many problems can be solved by using “common sense,” but common sense isn’t all that common. It is something that needs to be developed, starting at a young age. It involves choices. It involves having the proper attitude.

Chances It Will Be a Certified Fresh Hit: Pretty good. Knowing the storyline and plot, this will be a one hit movie for 2022.


Network: Netflix

Based On: Indian author Anand Neelakantan’s trilogy.

The Fanbase: Fans of Neelakantan’s novels, but also those who enjoy shows about strong female heroines. And maybe also fans of The CrownNetflix’s hit series about the ascension and reign of a female monarch. 

What We Know So Far: Meant to run six seasons (two seasons per title), the story follows Sivagami, a character who rises from a defiant girl to a not-to-be-messed-with queen. Set in Mahishmati, the story coincides with a time when that ancient Indian kingdom becomes powerful. Indian actress Mrunal Thakur stars.

Chances It Will Be a Certified Fresh Hit: Netflix’s original Indian programming

like Sacred Games and Leila have gotten fairly strong reviews. There’s a chance for this to do better if it finds an international audience.


Network: Netflix 

Based On: Donielle Ingersoll’s 2020 short books.

The Fanbase: Those who liked stories based on real life scenarios and topics happening nowadays.

What We Know So Far: The Himalayan Mountains is known as the enchanted kingdom of immortals in the ancient civilizations. The kingdom is not just for the immortals but they also welcome exceptional human being like Elvis Presley and other famous individuals. The entire civilizations have been eliminated with little traces that show they ever existed but this mystery from the past still continuous in the present moment. There are books that talks about the possibilities of few chosen individuals that acquire their intelligence. 

The exceptional world leaders, famous celebrities, politicians and businessman, are the suspects. There might be a few of them right now who have been admitted to this mysterious kingdom. These exceptional people can influence the world with their intelligence, the reason why they raised above the vast competition. The rich and the powerful are the best definition if we want to dig deeper about this history of human kind. We are still connected to the past but no one can tell and this remain a mystery to the majority. If some of us are given the chance to connect with this ancient civilization how many of us would take the ride? Is this worth it the self-sacrifice of letting go what is essential to be a normal human being?

Chances It Will Be a Certified Fresh Hit: Pretty good if it secures the pedigree of those shows that appeal to the same fanbase — or juggernauts.

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