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Meet Sterling Lewis, The Man Who’s Taking Digital Marketing to The Next Level

In today’s world, digital marketing is essential. With so many businesses scrambling to reach as many customers as they can, digital marketing has become the most preferred form of marketing for businesses because of its broader reach.

Generating sales leads can be challenging with the high competition for online businesses. However, with the right strategies and techniques, a business can beat their competition in obtaining leads.

Sterling Lewis is a marketing Guru helping businesses scale through online advertisement with Facebook and Instagram Ads. Together with his team, he has helped over 250 businesses catapult and reach 6-7 figures. He also received a reward from Facebook as a top ten advertiser. Sterling is also a website designer, graphic designer, social media manager and coach. He is one of Houston’s biggest nightlife promoters.

An ardent lover of entrepreneurship, Sterling was set on becoming a successful entrepreneur. Stumbling upon digital marketing, Sterling notes he knew this was it!  Combined with his skills as a promoter, Sterling continues to help brands, restaurants, night clubs, and business owners scale their businesses. In his words, realizing how companies were struggling with digital marketing, he wanted to help increase their sales and help them grow. He wants to launch a course that will help people learn how to operate and run Facebook and Instagram ads successfully.

According to Sterling, the problem most businesses make is with the promote button. While you can get thousands of likes and clicks, most end up with zero sales. This is mainly because even though you can reach more audiences, the majority of these clicks, views or likes will not respond to your content in a way that will lead to generate sales. With these boosts and promotions, the data used is not entirely accurate, and therefore, you end up targeting people who are not interested in your product.

The situation you are going through should never frighten you from achieving your dreams, says Sterling. Everyone starts from nothing. Even though he has established and cemented his spot in the industry, Sterling says there was a time he had nothing. While it was a challenge to start and run a company, Sterling rose above the challenge, and he now runs one of the biggest marketing firms in Texas.

His advice to you is to never give up! One of the reasons many people fail to achieve their dreams is because they give up too early. Choose to be a winner and go that extra mile to make your dreams a reality. Keep the faith, trust in God and be consistent, says Sterling. In addition, he says while it all scales down to money, you should focus on realizing your dream and do what makes you happy.

The investments you make in yourself can either dwarf or magnify your greatness. Looking to magnify his greatness, Sterling continues to invest in his dreams. Asked about the future, he says he is looking to work with bigger brands and help them skyrocket their sales as well.

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