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Mamba Mentality: How Legends Sports Consulting utilizes their athletic background to outwork and outsmart the competition

Mamba Mentality

Emerging sports consulting company, Legends Sports, attributes their compounding success to two words, “mamba mentality.” The Mamba Mentality centers around obsession. It is about prioritizing your professional goals over having a normal, balanced life. It is about advancing, in any capacity, without fear, mastering your craft, and wanting to not only win, but to dominate.

The Mamba Mentality is Bryant airballing 3’s against Utah in the playoffs, then working on his shot all night in a high school gym. It’s Bryant approaching his first matchup against Michael Jordan thinking that he’s going to destroy him. It’s Bryant, furious that Allen Iverson had gotten the best of him, reading every article about Iverson and watching every game A.I. had played, searching for weaknesses to exploit. Comparably, this level of intensity, desire, grit, and relentlessness is the foundational mindset of the Legends Sports Consulting team. Run by three former collegiate athletes who are driven to succeed through adopting mamba mentality principles– they know they are poised to be the best in a soon-to-be multi billion dollar industry.

“So many athletes leave their life of sports and transition into a career where they lose touch with their inner athlete.” Replied Ty Johnson, Co-Founder of Legends Sports, when asked about the team’s ambition and motivation.

“Devoting ourselves to sports betting has been our solution for that. It’s our outlet for that competitive energy, to constantly get that same adrenaline rush after you put in the work, and feel the results through success. We run this business so our clients can feel that too.”

The Winning Mindset: Quality over Quantity

It’s not just the Mamba Mentality that drives the consistent success of Legends Sports. The tremendous success of this past year is the result of decades of dedication, proprietary algorithm development, and an expansive network of top sports-minds. With over 50 years of collective industry experience, the Legends Sports team leverages in-house data analytics and real world experience to formulate the best possible research for their clients, and deliver consistent results that have driven their total win percentage through the roof.

According to the founders of the Legends Sports team, there are three key areas that cause inconsistency for sports consultants. Distribution and process of research, focusing on the quantity of picks over quality, and relying too heavily on data & algorithms to differentiate from the crowds. To avoid these pitfalls, the Legends Sports team sticks tight to their process, always prioritizing quality over quantity, and gathering crucial information from internal sources for each game they pick, a luxury earned after many years of working and networking in the sports world. Above all else, the Legends team believes integrity and a “client first” mentality will give a large edge over the competition. In his own words, Johnson states “anybody can attract clients, very few can retain them. We focus on client retention versus new client acquisition”.

“We do everything for them [our clients]. Everything we do is with good intent and we believe that good things will happen if we follow this process. We’re decades into this, and we’ve finally turned our skillset into an amazing business. Our success thus far is because we do things the right way.” Ron Fricke, Co-Founder, replied when asked about the Legends Sports Consulting approach.

The importance of Relationships in Sports Consulting

Data and analytics are important metrics to predict and forecast games, but that can only get you so far. Incremental gains are achieved from understanding human nature, possessing inside information through personal relationships, and having a quick and efficient system to translate information into high conversion predictions. That is what makes Legends the best in the industry, and has led to a staggering average win percentage of 64% over the past year.

“I trained with the basketball team during my time at Oregon and made great relationships through that experience. As a result I’ve coached many athletes now in the NBA and MLB, and developed close relationships with them and their networks, including sportscasters, coaches, analysts, and trainers. My reach into the sports industry is deep which separates us from the competition” Ron remarked.

Ultimately, these personal connections allow the Legends Sports Consulting to have access to information on players that allow them to better synthesize and gauge their research. Unreported nagging injuries, covid-related complications, road trip tendencies, birthday parties, and private life events have a big impact on game probabilities, and these metrics are rarely factored into industry predictions that are solely based on data. Knowing this information gives Legends an added edge to make the best possible assessment(s) for their clients.

The Sports Consulting Stigma:

The sports consulting industry is inherently nefarious. Claims of high winning percentages, misleading information, and false promises are increasingly rampant. As a result, the Legends Sports team aims to provide their clients with a new approach to the industry:

“We try to be an agent of change. As long as we’re an agent of change, we can make great waves in whatever industry we’re in. We’re doing something completely different than everyone else and want to be known as a valuable resource to people rather than a company looking to take money. We actually care. We have skin in the game and we use our own research.” Ty, co-founder, replied.

Legends Sports not only aims to provide picks for their clients, they want to educate their community as well. Strategically, they know this process will build a stronger relationship of trust with their clients and community, and demonstrate their level of knowledge and success.


Bryant built his hall-of-fame 20-year career on a foundation of unwavering self-belief. The Mamba Mentality became a worldwide mindset characterising the ones who dedicate their entire selves, relentlessly, to their craft. To live Bryant’s way is to live with purposeful intensity, to fully commit, to fend off the self-doubt, fear and worry. To compete at astronomical levels and never quit. The Legends Sports team has lived by this mentality, and their business has grown rapidly as a result. After over 50 years of combined experience, they are now sharing their craft with clients eager to become legendary themselves. No matter where you are along your sports betting journey, Legends Sports guarantees that their system will not just help you win, it will make you a stronger bettor.

Many entrepreneurs have lost their level of magnaminty; failing to realize that brand is built on value not sales. The Legends Sports team knows this and wants to offer any new clients reading this article an opportunity to join their team. Visit their Instagram page now to take advantage of a current month long event featuring free picks every morning with the results posted at night. They’re out to prove this team is the real deal with results to match. Reference this article to get the top 3 mistakes investors make when analyzing sports.

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