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Haseeb Azizi: a trend-setter in hip-hop music

Music has changed immensely since the last decade. From tunes to notes, and even lyrics, the world has witnessed new trends being set and lost every day in the music industry. Haseeb Azizi is one among the few who has managed to survive the competition. He belongs to the new breed of musicians who are taking the industry fearlessly, breaking traditions and setting trends in their signature style.

Haseeb Azizi is a 21-year-old hip-hop rapper who is known for his unique compositions. He blends classical notes with jazz to create magical hip-hop raps. His composition has created a lot of buzz among music enthusiasts lately. Another unique aspect of Azizi’s music is his blazing lyrics. He believes in having a realistic approach to his lyrics rather than creating a fanciful bubble for his fans. This has set him apart from the crowd, making him a rising star in the industry.

Azizi wants his music to inspire youth to follow their passion and never give up on their dreams. His lyrics throw light on the harsh realities of life and how these challenges can shatter the dreams of budding talents. This is where his thoughts have echoed the real-world challenges that the young generation face at present. Through his lyrics, Azizi has managed to connect with the audience at a deeper level. His lyrics also inspire the audience to face all challenges upfront and never give up. His music acts as a healer and motivator to all ailing hearts.

Hailing from a normal background, life was never easy for Azizi. His lyrics are the reflection of his inspiring journey to stardom. Being raised by a single mother, Azizi has always been practical towards his life. He never nurtured the dream of having a fancy career and was ready to work as a full-time office executive. Life took a positive turn when he joined his college music band “Captivated” at the age of 19. Having a natural flair for writing, Azizi became the perfect fit as a lyricist. As he gained interest in music, he ended up being one of the lead singers for “Captivated”.

Azizi was still not sure of pursuing music as a career until his friends and family motivated him. Being quite skeptical of finding his ground in the extremely competitive industry, Azizi was not prepared to quit his studies. He worked hard to balance his education and his passion. During his college days, Azizi started uploading recordings on various digital platforms and before he knew it, some of his recordings went viral. Since then, he has never looked back.

At present, Haseeb Azizi is a promising star in the world of Hip-hop. He sets his own standard with every new release. He is still working hard to hone his craft. Azizi spends months writing and recording his songs to ensure he is presenting something new and exciting to his audience. His aim is not to compose popular music but to touch the lives of his audiences in a positive way.

Going forward Azizi wants to continue motivating others with his inspiring journey. He aspires to be a role model to all budding talents who want to pursue their passion but hesitate to take this first step.

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