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The Method To Success: Trial and Error

Many individuals believe that the first time that they try something, it needs to be “perfect”. Others are afraid to fail because they don’t want to be perceived as failures. It can be challenging to allow for errors to happen, but you must let yourself fail. When you open your mind to accepting mistakes, you’ll be able to grow in many ways.

Success doesn’t come easily as some may think.

It’s a series of trials and errors until something sticks.

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 I was about 28 years old when I gained success as an entrepreneur, but everything before that was about falling and picking myself up again and again until I got it right. Trial and error allowed me to discover what kind of ideas would be successful as I started my career in entrepreneurship. What I learned from the variety of industries I was in is that they get tricky, because sometimes ideas are a hit or miss–and from personal experience, it can take a while to breakthrough. But, I never gave up; no matter how long it was taking to reach success, I knew that I needed to see it through. Using the trial and error method taught me to work on my patience and not care what other people think.

Don’t be afraid of being perceived as a failure.

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There are about 7.9 billion humans globally, with uncontrollable flaws. Not one human being on this earth is perfect and never will be, so why seek out such perfection? It‘s common for individuals to be scared of failing because of what others might say, but it’s important to remind yourself that the outside opinions don’t matter. Unless these opinions come from a mentor that sought, don’t listen to them. How others view you will always be out of your control; therefore, the best thing for you to do is be proud of what you’re doing. Many people go through their lives trying to please others and never find true happiness, so why do that to yourself? Let others see you fail and remind them that it’s okay to be wrong. 

Mistakes are the best teachers.

Yes, you read correctly. Mistakes are indeed the best teachers, well other than those who are in the education field. Nevertheless, you learn from your past mistakes when you use the trial-and-error method to perfect a skill. You’d think that it’s common sense not to make the same mistake twice, but that’s how others learn too.

 For example, if you buy too much fresh produce for the week and it goes bad quickly, you know not to buy so much next time. Truthfully, it should not take more than three times to learn from a mistake, but if it does, maybe there is something else you’ll need to factor in. Perhaps you aren’t cooking at home as much to eat all your food. So many issues can factor into learning from your mistakes; hence it’s crucial to think about why your mistakes occur. 

It’s almost like doing a science experiment. You have to observe the problem, question, make a hypothesis, experiment, and finally find a conclusion. It’s the same way when you use the trial and error method because it may take more than once to get it right. It’s almost natural for humans to learn from their mistakes; that’s why we have successfully evolved into our current state. Don’t be afraid of making errors. 

Advantages of Using the Trial-and-Error Method:

  1. Creative Approach.

You don’t have to follow one exact way to fix errors. It can go in as many directions as possible. As I mentioned earlier, when you are trying to find a way to correct a mistake, it’s crucial to be creative with your ideas. 

  1. Experience Is Not Needed.

Usually, when you use other approaches to fix an issue, you have to be experienced to correct it, but it’s the opposite with this method. The whole reason you are using the trial-and-error approach to find success is because you aren’t experienced yet, and that’s okay! Don’t feel like you need to be knowledgeable about every single thing. You’ll learn as you grow. 

Disadvantages of Using the Trial-and-Error Method:

  1. Taking A Risk Can Be Scary. 

It’s important to note that learning from trials and errors can be risky, especially the trial part. Each time you seek out a way to find success, it can either pass or fail. Taking a risk is scary to most individuals because the results might not fit their original idea. 

  1. Results Might Take Time. 

I was in my early 20s when I began my series of trials and errors to find success in the world of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. It took a few years even to see exponential growth and earnings from my work. If you’re looking for an easy way to succeed, just know that there isn’t one. You will have to put in a lot of patience and time to see results. 

Using the trial-and-error method might not work for you, and that’s okay. 

It’s okay if this method doesn’t work for you or others. The thing about success is that you need to find what’ll make you feel confident and secure. You might find success in other ways that you might not imagine, so remember to be open-minded. 

And if this method does work for you, continue with your failures until you see growth and gains. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, so don’t be afraid of making a mistake. As the late musician, Aalyiah, said, “And if at first, you don’t succeed, then dust yourself off and try again.” 

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