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Del Ro Is Using His Tenacious Work Ethic To Turn His Dreams Into Reality

Carving his own path in the entertainment industry Del Ro is an online business mogul looking to further his legacy in the entrepreneurial space. Over the years, he has dabbled in being a host, public speaker, media correspondent, serial entrepreneur, and brand ambassador, showing he is a jack of all trades. Now, as the President and founder of Double A Management (D.A.M) and Project Manager for Recapturing the Vision, Del Ro has made it clear that he is an industry titan and capable of anything he puts his mind to.

Leading D.A.M with a true passion for entertainment, events, and building communities as a whole, Del Ro serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs to come. He has used his ability to connect with diverse audiences across different platforms, increasing his presence and influence along the way. Del Ro has discovered where he needs to be to continuously bring value and does so with every event and brand collaboration he is involved with.

Del Ro’s successes have led him to great opportunities in his life, including being the event lead and host for the first inaugural Black Future Weekend presented by Dream Corps (Van Jones’ organization) and being the conference lead for the A3C Conference and festival. His list of accomplishments continues to grow, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Del Ro’s consistency and hard work have taken him places not many people get to experience in their lives, which shows the type of work ethic he possesses. He truly embodies his mantra: “Living Dreams Daily,” and strives to be an inspiration to the community and those around him. It will be exciting to see where he takes his talents from this point on, and there’s no doubt his journey is far from over. Be sure to stay tapped in with Del Ro and follow his journey as he continues down the entrepreneurial lane.

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