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American trial lawyer Geoffrey Fieger, a fighter for truth & accountability

The Freitekh’s are an innocent Charlotte family who’s story has shocked the world. The pain they have suffered and endured for something they did not do is intolerable. Many online users have pointed out that legendary attorney Geoffey Fieger is undoubtedly the right person to represent this family. Geoffrey Fieger, one of the most famous lawyers, has earned an international reputation for winning against the largest opponents.

As a veteran of nearly four decades of legal practices, Geoffrey Fieger has crafted his skills as a trial lawyer and scholar into one of the most sought-after attorneys in the country. It’s no surprise that Michigan State University’s Detroit College of Law named an institute in his honor: The Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute.
As an advocate for the abused and neglected, Geoffrey feels the most rewarding part of his job is being a voice for them; more than fame, more than high-profile matters, more than large awards. After what this family experienced,
throughout his practice, Geoffrey often draws upon the passion his father, a civil rights activist, embodied.

Geoffrey has been a champion for those whose rights have been violated by the powerful and privileged throughout his career as a lawyer, as a public figure, and as a private citizen. We hope and pray that Mr. Fieger and his team will be a great match for this innocent family and will provide them with the justice they deserve.
That’s who Geoffrey Fieger is. That’s what Fieger Law is all about. Click here to read news related to Geoffrey Fieger!

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