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Cutting Through the Noise: How Catherine Nikkel Creates Mindful Media

One integral part of the human experience is the desire to connect through stories. Since the beginning of time, we’ve been sharing stories with others, whether it’s hunched over a cave campfire millions of years ago or live streaming on Instagram today. While the world has dramatically changed since we gathered around the AM radio to hear the nightly news, one thing hasn’t: the need to create and share. The principle of storytelling is rooted in our being, whether it’s through song, stories, photos, or writing.

Now that billions of people around the world have access to the internet, we’re bombarded with content. According to Internet Live Statistics, there are more than 5 billion internet users in the world, almost 2 billion websites, and over a million blog posts written every day. How can anyone expect to cut through the noise?

This is where expert writer and storyteller Catherine Nikkel shines. This prolific ghostwriter, blogger, and content creator ensures that her clients’ content stands out among the rest by focusing on one principle: writing mindful media that matters.

While the internet is a tidal wave of information, it’s not all worth reading. There are error-ridden articles and boring blog posts as far as the eye can see. This results in option overload. Many of us simply skim headlines and quickly forget about them. But when Catherine creates content for her clients, she tells attention-grabbing stories that make their messaging shine under the spotlight. This allows her quality writing to rise to the top, overcoming obstacles others struggle with along the way.

Catherine knows firsthand about overcoming the challenges life throws our way. While she’s now a renowned writer and content coach, Catherine was once a struggling teen mother without a high school degree. With the statistics stacked against her, she defied the odds by building a better life for herself and her son. Catherine pursued a successful career in social work, allowing her to give a voice to underprivileged youth who needed it most.

While her future in social work took a major turn to pursue writing, the unthinkable happened: Catherine’s body buckled under the immense pressure and she became paralyzed from the waist down a week later. But that didn’t stop her spirit from moving forward. She healed from the injury after spinal surgery, continued to break down barriers, and create the stories she was meant to tell.

Catherine has an astounding story to share, and she now helps clients achieve that goal for themselves. She digs down to the core to uncover what makes her clients’ voices unique, as she believes every person’s story is worth listening to. Catherine amplifies the voices of her clients, just as she did for children as a social worker. Now she helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other influential figures stand out from the noise.

By embracing what makes each client distinct and telling their story in the most impactful way possible, Catherine has helped thousands of people make their content a powerful voice transformed into the written word. The stories she tells move and inspire readers and connect us to the joy of sharing and communicating. So even now, as we replace reading books by candlelight with cozying up with a Kindle, the stories and messages that truly connect with us will be ones that impact us for years to come.

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