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Leadership Series: Lisa May

Article By: Lisa May

The year was 2008 and I was leading a large sales team in the medical device field, one of the best companies in the world. I was surrounded by an amazing team that was winning in the marketplace with products that were changing patient’s lives. I was supported at work and well rewarded…all of the external success metrics

appeared to be “in the green.” I had loving relationships at home and a community of people who had my back. So how is it possible that it was at this point in my “successful” life that I felt a deep level of emptiness inside?  It was an ever-present, nagging angst and pervasive discomfort, like a low-level stomach-ache. In fact, the only time I really felt alive was when I was in the midst of a firefight at work, creating and executing to solve challenges, or navigating emergency business situations, which seemed to be plentiful.  Oddly, when the challenges and emergencies had passed and the fires were out, I felt the worst. It was the feeling that the other shoe was going to drop at any moment. I was incredibly confused. I was losing myself in this ever-churning cycle of achievement, stress and overwork.  It was in the midst of this intense internal chaos that I received a clear download “There’s a different way to live, a different way to lead and a different way to serve.” Clear? Yes! But actionable? No. For an action-oriented executive, I was frustrated and lost. What was I supposed to DO. And how was I supposed to BE, now? So, I turned inward to listen and experienced a deep sense of “knowing” that this was the beginning of a great unfolding to a deeper purpose and higher-level order. 

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Thus began the 5+ year journey to seek to understand how I reached this “place” of unfulfillment, and moreover, what I needed to do to listen to the clear message and discover its call to action. I began investigating every aspect of my life…..thinking, reading, reflecting, meditating, and observing to identify, discover, and understand what I had experienced and why. Once I stepped into this realm of deep inquiry, unattached to outcome (for once), the synchronicities started appearing rapid-fire:  transformational books, scientific research, spiritual masters and mentors serendipitously crossed my path, enabling me to slowly “see” and assemble the pieces of the puzzle, the puzzle that was me. This period of learning and exploration helped me to scientifically, and objectively deconstruct what had happened to me and helped me come to some clear realizations.  Candidly, I didn’t like what I realized; I became aware that my identity and perceived value as a human were directly tied to my achievements. What I had “done” or what I was “doing”, instead my “being.” I had literally become addicted to the chemicals of stress directly tied to performance in the corporate world. When it was time to rest and recover, I would escape to fill the void by numbing or staying busy until it was time to go back to doing. How had this come to be the reality I was living? It was like water over a rock, day by day and year by year, slowly shaping a form I didn’t intend. Performance opportunity (or business crisis!) leading to “game time” delivery, followed by big reward, and subsequent big low…..wash, rinse, repeat. Does this sound familiar?

After my years of deep inquiry and realizations, I found science-based tools and technologies the most useful in my own transformation, and as a result resolved to make it my mission to help lead and live, optimally, from a place of energetic integrity and deep fulfillment. My dream today is for leaders to find their truest voice to shine their brightest light, sharing their unique gifts with the world, while growing and regenerating in the process.

As business leaders, we are trained to handle incredible amounts of information at a rapid pace which inevitably leads to heightened emotional states, constantly being “on alert” for whatever comes next.  And, the global pandemic has only accelerated this. We become adept at rapidly navigating complexity and challenging business situations; this rapid response behavior becomes an unconscious skill and is commonly rewarded by the company culture with promotions, raises, etc. It becomes what “great performance looks like.” With more than 73% of people reported stress related burnout, is this a skill that we should be rewarding? We need to train leaders to solve problems and drive business results in a better, and ultimately less costly way. What if companies trained and rewarded “regenerative leaders” who are able to optimally perform in day to day, as well as crisis situations, while prioritizing effective recovery of their mind, body and spirit, to expand their energetic resources. This is possible. We can solve this human energy crisis but it will take a new way of thinking, and ultimately a new way of working. The new way forward fortifies human capital rather than depletes it. We have the tools and the technologies ready, so the only question that remains is: 

Are you ready?   

Fülle – Holistic Leadership Development, alongside, my amazing partners at SORCE Technologies provide end to end solutions to unlock human potential as we solve the human energy crisis! 

Lisa May 

Founder, Fülle & Chief Impact Officer, SORCE

“Change, innovation and leadership in this age require new methods to unlock potential in ourselves, and our teams. Working with Lisa has greatly accelerated my evolution in these areas. I strongly recommend any C-Suite leader take a serious look at these transformational tools and techniques.” – Atif Rafiq

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