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All we had in common was drinking alcohol and doing drugs.” The sacrifices some of us pay to succeed in business and in our relationships…

There is an Invisible price we all pay to succeed in business and in our relationships. Especially when we make reactive decisions based on moments of chaos… 

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Imagine living in a world when you know you wouldn’t fail? 

Would you try harder and go at it towards your audacious dreams without worrying about other people opinions?

Most people on social media post their successes and the material things we acquire in life. But one thing we don’t see being downloaded or uploaded is our fears, insecurities, failures, and the sacrifices our parents and ourselves make to be where are today or to go after the things we really want.  

The media talks so much about the life of celebrities and influencers. But seldomly talk about the lives of everyday entrepreneur who live in the smaller cities around the world who are out there inspiring others in their own communities by keeping it real and walking the talk. 

This is the story of Michael Padilla who’s parents were born in a small town in Texas in the rural area. Michael’s parents came from very humble beginnings where they worked in the fields cutting weeds out of the cotton fields to pay for ends meet. Both of Michael’s parents worked hard so they could save money for Michael’s father go to a vocational school to become an electrician. It’s incredible when a family works together and goes through the struggles together. Those are the families that stay together.  Those are the families that achieve what once was impossible and now is a dream reality. 

Michael saw that growing up and started working at age 7 to help his family. Michael learned to be responsible at a very young age. He lived out in the country where he had to gather eggs, feed the cows, and had responsibilities around the home at an early age. He worked very hard for a farmer across the street assisting of gathering vegetables, corn, green beans, okra, tomatoes, and a lot of other vegetables to sell by the bushel as his first sales job. 

When he wasn’t working, he was doing the things he loved. Which was playing sports and being with his friends where he constant talked about his dreams of owning a dream home one day.  Michael was always personal & likable, and everyone in town liked him. 

Mike’s dad played a huge role in his life even though at times he felt a very rocky relationship. But his father showed him how to be a great farmer and that hard work works. He also showed him how to become an electrician and doing air-conditioning work among many other things.

Michael went through many ups and downs growing up. Like many of us, he was raised from a good family; but he had many challenges. His dad provided for him materially; but the relationship of communication was not well established. So as a young man; Michael was ready to leave the home at the age of 18 and so he left.

The power of decisions does shape our destiny. We must be very careful when making decisions about the businesses we choose and the relationships we get involved with. Michael’s decision of thinking that life was going to get better outside his parents’ home was totally wrong. He started hanging around with the wrong people that caused himself to catch a case. 

There is an old saying, ‘Tell me who you hang with, and I will tell you who you are.’ Hanging around the wrong people and making the wrong decisions led Michael to spend over 2 1/2 years in a penitentiary. 

That time in prison allowed Michael to start thinking of his own thinking and reflecting about his life more often which is something we as society are not thought to do. We are trained to be followers and not leaders. After getting out of prison, he had another chance. That’s when he met his first wife where they spent eight years together. Michael said something that may be shocking to some of you.

“I never did love her because all we had in common was drinking alcohol and doing drugs.”

That’s why communication is so important from an early age and in everything we do. If you disrespect your spouse or others in front of your children, don’t be surprised if they do the same to others as they get older. Be the change you want see in everyone. 

The crazy part is that there are many people out there living together and who are married for a very long time who are not in loved with one other. Some do as a sacrifice for rising their kids and lose touch in communicating with one another. And typically, what we do when there isn’t communication and or a connection anymore? We hide our feelings behind alcohol and drugs. If you do what you done in the beginning of your relationships, there will never be an end. 

There is always light in darkness if we really think about every situation that once bothered us so much. As Michael says, “The best thing that came out of this whole relationship was my beautiful daughter Abby.”

Michael knew he could be a better role model for Abby due to seeing the way her mother wanted to always party and being around bad people who done drugs and alcohol often. 

So Michael decided to step up as father because he saw where his daughter’s life was heading if he didn’t step in to take back full custody as a parent. So Michael done something no one expected and hired a private investigator to take his ex-wife to court where Michael won the case and got full custody of his daughter. 

Michael was a single dad extremely devoted for over seven years to raise his daughter Abby. His mother helped as well raise his daughter. He didn’t want to marry anyone. But eventually he met this beautiful Brazilian woman called, Nara. He falls in love with her, and she became his wife after seven months being together.

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Nara was a very communicative loving person and became an incredible stepmother. Life starting to get better as one year went to the next. Even though we all have rocky moments in life. But we make communication a must in our family. 

It takes balls to face our own demons and realize that until we face head on and peel the layers of the onions with our own self about; we can’t expect others to do the same. So Michael decided to go deep into personal development because he wanted to face his own demons. He knew there was some unfinished business from his own past he wanted to deal with once and for all. 

Michael early sales skills as child came handy when he started his career as a self-employee entrepreneur for over 19 years selling from alarm systems to solar making consistent checks working on 100% commission until he became a coach and role model for every person, he spoke life into. 

They decided to move from Lubbock Texas to Arlington Texas. They rented out there a home for two years and lived in an apartment in Arlington.

There is power when someone faces its own fears and realized that we all can do so much more if we don’t settle for less of what we can realty became. Michael didn’t like living in the apartment where they stayed for over four years with his family. He knew he could do better. But our minds constant stops us from making a move that may seem impossible at the present time or that will stretch our finances. Michael and his family drove many times on the way to work and school through a beautiful community they could see from the highway that were minutes away from the apartment where they lived. About three times a week on average, his daughter would say, “Dad one day we will live there.” His wife added, “In that community, our dream home will be built.” Michael always being positive did make a negative response here and there and would say to his family, “I don’t know if it will ever be possible to live in that community as those homes cost so much.”

There is power in dreaming and believing in yourself that anything is possible if you said so.  Especially when a family comes together. Michael remembered his parents once dreamed in raising the money for his father to go to school to become an electrician so they could make more money and improve their lives and buy their land. So, Michael decided to draw a line in the sand and didn’t allow any more limited beliefs in his mind. He reconnected to the little Michael in himself who once dreamed as a kid to own a big dream home. 

Michael got to work with his family on their dream home. They started visualizing buying the land, building their dream home in that beautiful community. It was an enclosed community with a homemade beach, five swimming pools, 4 tennis courts, sailing, fishing, trails and even kayaking. They all build their dream boards with a photo of their dream home on their boards. Every time they drove through the area, they all said to themselves, “One day, we will live there.” They started to look at numbers and the cost of owning a land there and to build their dream home. Michael was willing to sacrifice and do whatever it took to fulfill their family dreams. He burned his boat and said that he wasn’t going to quit until he owned a home there. His wife at one point in their marriage asked for him to take on a salary job. Michael told to her that he would not let someone else determine how much his worth is. He was more focused than ever, and he got out there. He put in the time, planted the seeds of hard work, and got what he planted. He fought for his dream and for his family. He got a call from his mortgage broker one day saying, “Let’s go look at this dream community so we can build your dream home.” He remembered as if it was yesterday. They picked the land at that dream community and build their dream with the developer on everything they wanted, and their dream home came true. 

Michael now spends his time enjoying his family and doing what he loves, which is mentoring others achiever their breakthrough. He teaches others that some sacrifices make it all worth it the end. Michael now coaches many girls in the Mary Kay business to help them doubled their income in the less than 30 days. He also loves mentoring others on how to get more sales in the solar business.

Michael’s efforts and relentless determination for 19 years to not have a boss and to help others became their own boss to achieve their breakthroughs, gave birth to his coaching business called, BOSSFREEWITHMP. Even though he coaches others in his community. He says that, “The training never stops; we all are eternal students. We will never stop learning how to become the best father version or entrepreneur version of ourselves. Ups and downs will always come around. Highs and lows makes us grow. The Best is Yet to Come!”

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