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“Wherever You Will Go Mashup with With or without You” by Rommel Balacanao premiered on 10th September 2021

Music artist Rommel Balacanao is proud to announce the release of a new track named “Wherever You Will Go Mashup (With Or Without You)”, which is designed to help empower other people and encourage them to get past their insecurities and focus on great things they want to achieve in life. There are always challenges that you want to pursue, but at the end of the day emotions and love are those things that will help guide and protect you throughout the entire process.

The song was created originally by U2, and Rommel is bringing in a more mellow, personal and emotional version. He uses a lot of emotion and his personal story to bring in something new, refreshing and interesting. There will always be all kinds of challenges that arise, especially in the long run. You never really know where your life can be in 5 or 10 years, and it’s one of those songs that show that.

This particular song shows that you need to trust love and give it a chance. Just because things might not seem the way you want, that doesn’t mean it will be hard to have a great and successful relationship. But you have to give it a try, understand the challenges that appear and truly focus on the things you want to achieve with that relationship.

It’s interesting to see “Wherever you will go” mashed up with the “With or Without You” part, because it helps convey a lot of great ideas, while sustaining the main core of the song as a whole. It’s extraordinary and a lot of fun, and it definitely helps push the experience in a fun and creative manner.

What you will like about this song in particular and Rommel’s work in general is that he puts a lot of passion and commitment into every project. He had a challenging story the past few years, since he was Covid positive and he had quite the health scare, but he eventually recovered and since then he focused on creating the very best music and content out there. It’s an exciting and unique opportunity for him to help people with new music, covers and mashups that bring a smile to people’s face, while still maintaining his great sense of creativity and originality the way he always wanted.

This mashup named “Wherever You Will Go Mashup (With Or Without You)” is set to arrive on all music platforms starting with September 10, and it’s a very creative, powerful song that helps Rommel express himself, while also allowing others to understand the way he feels and his own story. It’s an extraordinary, emotional song that showcases his capabilities as a singer, while also bringing in front a mellow melodic part. It’s exciting and engaging, and it truly shines while bringing in something unique and special. We encourage you to listen to this song when it launches, as it helps resonate with many personal emotions and feelings!

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